Crime and Disorder Prevention Police

Updated May 12, 2022

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Crime and Disorder Prevention Police essay

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To prevent crime and disorder…. I myself have never relied (or felt that was an option honestly) on police for setting examples or being anything other than following crime. I know in my city, the local police go to schools and community events to promote community policing, but it has just felt like a few could be dependable. I have however admired their attempts and have had many pleasant conversations. The push toward community policing is important, but it’s a very long road with how things in America are right now. To recognize always….cooperation with the public. Cooperation from the people with police is a tough topic. I feel like community policing is also going to help this, which means the policing is different for every neighborhood. Which is very unrealistic to come to full fruition. However, without that, there will continue to be variance between police and people.

Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic….. While I feel some of the wordings can be a bit extreme, I think that behaviors and values within a local police department should reflect the values of the community. What I mean by that, is that they should be trained (or ideally have naturally) of the ways to communicate with the community on their level. Understand what they are going through. What they have come from and are dealing with. Basically, empathy needs to be an important part. Which goes into this one. I don’t ever think force should be used unless absolutely necessary. That means, a gunman is holding a gun to someone, etc…. Fighting against handcuffs, or questioning why you’re being handcuffed with no explanation doesn’t warrant abuse or death. I’m perplexed on this one. I feel recognition definitely could definitely persuade in favor of some who don’t really deserve it. It also makes me wonder about WHY employee morale is so important in other businesses, and makes people actually WANT to work BETTER and together.

More’s revision of Peel’s idea; the absence of crime is the best proof of police efficiency. That’s a joke. I suppose just like the absence of Covid-19 testing will reduce the actual number of people who are positive for Covid-19. This indicates that crime unattended to, means it didn’t happen. When I was growing up it was “If a bear poops in the woods and no one is there to see it, did it still poop?”. Yes. Yes it did. Just like the crime still happens even when ignored and not accounted for. The alignment of these principles is all over the place for my city. I live in a well known city, which seems large to others, but having grown up here it seems small. For my “small” town, it seems pretty upsetting that the police don’t seem to be on the people’s side. I’ve known some that really work to be following a commitment to the helping, and I’ve witnessed the opposite. I honestly don’t think I can say one specific way or another how my city is, other than having a 50/50 chance of getting help isn’t worth trying for the most part.

Crime and Disorder Prevention Police essay

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