Crazy Life of Adolf Hitler

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The life of Adolf Hitler was a crazy one. He didn’t show any motivation of what he was going to do when he was a child. He rose to power quickly.his childhood and teenage years might of been what motivated him to do what he did.have you ever wondered why he did what he did well in this essay we will be going deep into the life of adolf hitler.

After his father’s retirement from the state customs service, Adolf Hitler spent most of his childhood in Linz, the capital of Upper Austria. It remained his favourite city throughout his life Hitler never advanced beyond a secondary education. After leaving school, he visited Vienna, then returned to Linz, where he dreamed of becoming an artist.

When he was 16 he stopped formal education he moved in with his mother he made a friend when he went to go see an opera.he only told him that he loved a girl bc he never talked about himself or girls when he returned back to his mother after a trip she was diagnosed with breast cancer her physician told them a operation must be done but he wasn’t hopeful.hitler asked if his mother had a chance of living only then the doctor realized the connection that hitler and and his mother had.his mother got better and started to do the things that she usually did. Violence marked Hitler’s early rise.

By 1923, he was emboldened enough to attempt to overthrow the government of Bavaria by force, which he hoped would eventually lead to the overthrow of the national government in Berlin. This ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ failed, but there was widespread sympathy for Hitler’s aims, Schleunes said. His trial became a megaphone broadcasting his ideas, and his light 9-month stint in prison gave him the opportunity to dictate the ‘almost unreadable’ but wildly popular biography ‘Mein Kampf,’ Schleunes said.

Hitler demanded the right to become Chancellor, but President Hindenburg appointed Franz von Papen instead. As he did not command Reichstag support, von Papen was soon replaced by General Kurt von Schleicher. However, Schleicher’s government was also unable to control the Reichstag. Anxious to regain power, von Papen struck a deal to make Hitler Chancellor, with himself as Vice-Chancellor.

The moderate parties would hold all but three of the government posts, which would go to the Nazis; one of these would be Hitler as Chancellor. In the hope of creating a stable government, the elderly President Hindenburg agreed to the plan. So on 30 January 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.Hitler didn’t want to resign so he killed himself

In a new study, French scientists analyzed fragments of Adolf Hitler’s teeth to prove that he died in 1945, after taking cyanide and shooting himself in the head. The research, published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine in May 2018, seeks to end conspiracy theories about Adolf Hitler’s death through scientific analysis of the dictator’s teeth and skull.Though it’s widely established that Hitler died in his bunker in Berlin, rumors of his escape abound. Their research proves that “he did not flee to Argentina in a submarine, he is not in a hidden base in Antarctica or on the dark side of the moon,” said Charlier.

So as you can see Hitler had a crazy life. If you were ever wondering what would make him do such a thing nobody really knows the answer to.he has had gone through some tough times but ultimately punished the jews for things they didn’t do.he was one of the most feared germany presidents in history . we use the things he did to educate people not to kill or harm in any way shape or form based on their color their wealth or where they came from.


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What is Hitler's most famous for?
Hitler is most famous for being the leader of Nazi Germany during World War II and orchestrating the Holocaust, resulting in the genocide of six million Jews.
What was Adolf Hitler's true name?
Adolf Hitler's true name was Adolf Schicklgruber. However, he later changed his name to Adolf Hitler.
What was Hitler's psychiatric condition?
There is no one answer to this question as Hitler's psychiatric condition is still debated by historians and mental health professionals. Some believe that Hitler had paranoid schizophrenia while others believe he had narcissistic personality disorder.
What were Hitler's 3 main mistakes?
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