Adolf Hitler as the Biggest Tyrant

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Adolf Hitler became the ruthless tyrant that caused millions of people to suffer because of the events in his childhood/ early life, his parents and his brother dying when he was younger, rejection from art school, and the result of World War 1. Adolf Hitler’s had a big family but he only like three people in the family which were his Mom, Dad, and brother; unfortunately all three of the died in a span of seven years. He was also rejected from art school two times; art was his love and passion and not getting into art school really angered him and it was the only thing keeping his mind off his parents so when he didn’t get into art school it upset him a lot. Finally when Germany lost World War 1 he was very angry and ever since they lost he wanted revenge and wanted to avenge Germany for the brutal loss that they took during the time period.

Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria in 1889. He had five brothers and sisters and he had two parents. He had a rough life as a child. His father beat him yet his mother tried to protect him she couldn’t do much, these beatings caused him to act out in school. His father worked at the capital of Linz in upper Austria where he was a civil servant. Adolf did not want to follow his father’s ways so he decided to go to another school and he called it secondary school. During his time in school he lost interest very quick. His heart was set out on being an artist in Vienna.

“He eventually dropped out of Secondary school and went to Vienna, where he made watercolor paintings they were good but they weren’t good enough to win the place he longed which was Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts.” Then his father died in 1903, which does not seem like a big deal considering that he beat him but Adolf was again destroyed because that was his only parent left and he last them. Then his mother died in 1908, which was one of the most terrible things that could have happened to him. His mother was like his protector, Adolf would do anything for his mother, when he was younger and his mother was sick he would skip school just to stay by his mother to watch after her just in case something bad happened to her.

Hitler was not in the best state of mind when this happened but he still had his brother Edmund, and Edmund was like Adolf best friend at the time. Edmund and Adolf had a very close relationship; he was the only sibling of the family that Adolf really had a connection with. Unfortunately Edmund died, this really set back Adolf and it made him very depressed for a long time. After all of these traumatizing events Adolf moved back to Vienna and tried to get in the the art school there.

Adolf Hitler was in a bad time in his life, his mother, father, and his brother who he had the most connection with. Unfortunately him moving to Vienna, having a mindset of getting into art school and having a different life, something a lot better than his dads old job, got rejected. He was heart broken; he never thought that he would get rejected from art school and he definitely never thought that he would be homeless in Vienna with no parents nor food nor shelter. He tried again but then he rejected again, so he is a jobless, homeless, and broken man in the middle of Vienna trying to service.

He then got to start some job opportunities for anti-Semitism because of the orphanages, “Lacking money outside of an orphan’s pension and funds from selling postcards, he stayed in homeless shelters. Hitler later pointed to these years as the time when he first cultivated his anti-Semitism, though there is some debate about this account.” While his painting dream never came true, with help from one of his only friends that he had at the time, helped him get a job drawing postcard pictures of Vienna and selling them to random strangers and sometimes tourists. The job might not have made a lot of money but it di get him some money, and it allowed him to do the thing that he loved for a living.

While this was all happening in the apartment he was living there were political debates that would happen. People say that when he would join the people in the debates Adolf Hitler would really into it and, “a fierceness would come into his voice when he denounced the corruption he saw all around him in Vienna”. This some some of the first times that people had seen Hitlers love and compassion towards politics and debates. Adolfs love for art brought him far away from home, but it wasn’t what he was expecting when he got in Vienna. His passion put him one step closer to his terrible reign as the Hitler we all know of.

While Adolf Hitler grew up, he decided he was going enlist in the war against the Soviet Union/ Russia in World War 1. Germany ended up losing in the war, and Adolf was not happy at all. He wanted revenge. During the war Hitler was high on the social standings; he was a corporal which means, “[he] leads either the squad or the team, depending on the number of corporals in the platoon”. So he was a very important person in this war. In Hitler’s journal that he wrote every day he said that he was, “scarred for life and that he has seen things that had changed him forever”. During his time in the war he had a increasing rage for the Soviet Union/ Russia to the point that some of his own soldiers would not like talking to him because he was so angry that they were afraid that he was going to kill them. He was so committed to the war that he was awarded many metals in honor of him, and he was wounded twice during the time of the war.

Reasurchers say that they do not know what his first injury was but the researchers do know that, “In October 1918, Hitler was partially blinded in a mustard gas attack near Ypres in Belgium. He was sent to a military hospital”. Durring his time in the hospital he got new that Germany had lost the war, while in the war he grew a large hate for the Jewish community as well because they didn’t believe in the same thing as he did. So when Germany lost World War One Hitler made an oath that he would try his hardest to wipe the whole Jewish community off the planet. That is where is rage for life and for anyone who got in his way began

Adolf Hitler was one of the or if not the biggest tyrant/ terrorist in the entire history of this planet. He had a rough history with life and history that caused him to go physically insane and mentally psychopathic. The Hitler we all know of had all of these mental deficiencies for three reasons, his mom, brother, and father died all at a very short of time in his life, as well has his best friend. He also got rejected from his passion, art, which forced him to be homeless and sell paintings on the street. This caused him to have no choice and to join the war. War was not one of the best ideas for him because he already had many mental issues, and going to war would make it worse. And it did cause the ruthless, careless, and most hated killer of time, Adolf Alois Hitler.


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What is Hitler's most famous for?
Adolf Hitler is most famous for his role as the leader of Nazi Germany during World War II and for his genocidal policies that led to the Holocaust.
What was Adolf Hitler's highest rank?
Adolf Hitler's highest rank was Field Marshal, which he was appointed to in 1940.
What was Hitler's personality as a leader?
Adolf Hitler was a German politician and leader of the Nazi Party. He was a dictator who initiated World War II in Europe by invading Poland in September 1939.
Who was Hitler's best?
The two main influences in Hitler's early life were his father Alois and his mother Klara.
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