Adolf Hitler – History of Life

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On April 20th, 1889 Adolf Hitler was born in Branau am Inn, a small town in Austria. Hitler had a father, Alois Hitler and a mother Klara Hitler. He also had 3 sisters, Paula, Angela, and Ida. He also had 4 brothers Gustav, Otto, Edmund, and Alois jr. Hitler’s father and he didn’t have a great relationship and it could sometimes be abusive.

Around the time Hitler was 10 or 11 his family moved to Linz which is the capital of upper Austria. Here Hitler found interest in visual arts, but his father wanted him to enter into Habsburg civil service. A few years later Hitler’s father passed away and for him this had its pros and cons. It meant that Hitler could now pursue a career in visual arts. After he begged his mother he got the yes from her and took the entrance exam for the Vienna Academy in Arts. Sadly in the december of 1907 Klara Hitler passed away from breast cancer. Hitler failed to gain acceptance into this school and this cause him to move to Vienna in hopes of trying to make it into the school. By 1909 Hitler was in true poverty, his money income stopped and he was living on the streets. He was barely surviving off of small paintings and drawings he made. He again moved but to Munich, Germany in May 1913. Here Hitler decides that he will enlist into the German army to help fight in

WW1. In October 1918 Hitler was partially blinded in a mustard gas attack near Ypres in Belgium. After the end of WW1 Hitler had to go be a normal civilian again and he hated it because in the war is where he felt at home and with people he liked. Hitler grew very hateful of the Jewish after WW1 and started his anti semitic actions and beliefs. In May 1919 Hitler got recruited to work for the information office of the military administration which was commanded by Captain Karl Mayr. In August of 1919 Hitler became an instructor for a 5 day course for the German armed forces. It was in Lechfeld and it was here he was recognized for being a great speaker. By 1921 Hitler established himself as leader of the Nazi’s. Hitler and the group got an amazing amount of followers over time in fact in 1923 the group had a total of 55,000 followers.

On November 9th, 1923 Hitler and 2,000 Nazi’s lead a march to the headquarters of the commander of troops stationed in Bavaria. This is referred to as the Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler and his followers approached a armed police man and following a few shots, shot were fired. Hitler was arrested and was thrown in jail for charges of high treason. In jail Hitler wrote a book titled Mein Kampf (My Struggles). And the book was published autumn 1925, the book basically explained what his plans were from the start and what he was going to do. A few years go past and on January 30th, 1933 Hitler came into power of Germany. Before this the Nazi party grew and grew and then just about everyone liked Hitler. After years and years in WW2 Germany knew they were going to lose and they were ready to surrender but Hitler did not want to so he kept going. Until the allies were invading Germany and Hitler choose to take his own life. On April 30th, 1945 Hitler killed himself.


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What is Hitler's most famous for?
Adolf Hitler is most famous for being the leader of Nazi Germany during World War II and for his role in the Holocaust, in which millions of Jews and other minorities were systematically murdered.
What is Hitler's story?
Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889 and moved to Germany in 1913. He rose to power as the leader of the Nazi party and became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. As Chancellor, Hitler led Germany in World War II and oversaw the Nazi genocide of millions of Jews, which came to be known as the Holocaust.
What was Adolf Hitler's true name?
Adolf Hitler's true name was Adolf Schicklgruber. He was born in Austria in 1889.
What was Hitler's impact on history?
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