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Charles Darwin: The Origin of the Universe, the Origin of Species, and the Evolution of the World

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Charles Darwin: The Origin of the Universe, the Origin of Species, and the Evolution of the World essay
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Charles Darwin shaped our views in which we think about science today. He was considered the father of evolution. Darwin and another scientist named, Alfred Russell, both discovered this theory at the same time. However, Darwin was fairly known and respected even before he wrote his book, “On the Origin of Species” while Wallace was unknown so despite the multiple studies happening at the time Charles Darwin’s theories were believed by the population. Darwin’s Ideas were so favorable that they eventually made their way out of the science world into the business world.

As a scientist and naturalist, Charles Darwin discovered Natural Selection. Darwin did not invent anything but he discovered a lot as a scientist and naturalist and he is known as the greatest biologist in history. Therefore his theory of evolution is the best evolutionary theory in history. I believe that is true. He impacted science and the way we believe and think about the world. The basics of evolution such as natural selection were made by Charles Darwin had been proven to be true. Although Charles Darwin was great many believe otherwise. They believe his thought of evolution is wrong and that he was crazy. In the end, his theory had huge effects on science and the way we see life and many may argue and say no but in my beliefs I believe it is the truth.

Charles Darwin was born on February 12,1809, in Shewsbury, England. His parents were Dr. Robert and Susannah Darwin and his grandfather at the time was a well known scientist named Erasmus Darwin. Darwin went to Shrewsbury School his first few years where he was very unsuccessful. Later on he wrote ‘I believe that I was considered by all my masters and by my father as a very ordinary boy, rather below the common intelligence.’ Darwin was fascinated with nature. His main interest were beetles. He had a large beetle collection and in his collection he had very rare species of beetles. Darwin’s father wanted him to become a doctor, so he starting going to Edinburgh Medical School in 1825. However, Darwin was not amused by all the lectures and could not stand to watch surgery so he decided to leave in 1827 after two years of being there.

In 1828, after Darwin quit medical school his father arranged for him to become a priest. He went to Cambridge University to study for priesthood, earning a bachelor of arts degree in 1831. He continued to develop his interests in nature. His main interests were rocks, fossils, animals, and plants. Cambridge professors, geologist Adam Sedgwick and botanist John Henslow became friends of Darwin. As Darwin was thinking about his future and interests he was recommended by Professor John Henslow to Robert Fitzroy, captain of The Beagle, who asked Professor Henslow to recommend a naturalist for a around-the-world sailing trip on the ship HMS Beagle that was being arranged by the Royal Navy. Darwin left england for the first time on the ninety foot, 235 ton Beagle on December 27,1831. During that time period Darwin drew and wrote about what he saw and discovered. He sent many specimens back to England. He had many thoughts and questions about life that existed in the past and how it has changed to become the way it is now.

Charles Darwin: The Origin of the Universe, the Origin of Species, and the Evolution of the World essay

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