Can We Say That Money Make One Happy

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Happiness is not tradable or profitable, its an emotion for example, sadness, anger etc, it measures your entire life up until the present moment. It tends to last long or short for many people, happiness depends on ourselves according to Aristotle’s, but happiness means differently to everyone as what they are looking for. Our life consists in achieving, through the course of an entire lifetime—health, wealth, knowledge, family, friends. Happiness is a personal thing based on relationship, goal reaching, self-esteem and a unique thing to an individual. Many people look around to search for the happiness they want in their lives, but not everyone gets to find what they are looking for, it might take days, weeks, months and years too.

In society today money is revolved around everyone, money gets our bills paid for our house, car and it provides us shelter, and food. The more money you have, you get to get what you want, It could be your dream house, dream car or dream vacation. Having a lot of money and to be able to not stress about anything could make one stress free, but behind all of that money gives you access to many things that can lead to happiness. For example, when i was a little girl i would go to a flea market every weekend with my dad and everytime i go, i get to choose one item which could be a toy that brought me happiness every week i would go. The reason why i got happiness out of it is because money was used to bring happiness with the things my dad bought me.

Money can have a lot of control over a person to make them want more money and that could lead to problems like for example, famous actors, they become super rich with a lot of money and they become depressed and sad because they make so much money that they’re overwhelmed with what to do with it. Money can fulfill a person desire and basic needs such as food, a place to stay and clothes. In contrast, excess money cannot buy friends and our family relatives. We all have a desire of wanting many things some might want to give to others which makes them feel good and some might spend on themselves to make themself feel better knowing they got what they want. Money can make one happy at a certain point but eventually, the more money you have the less problems you have in your lifespan. For example, if you have troubles with your health you are able to pay all the hospital and doctor visits instead on stressing on how you can save up to be able to pay off the bills.

In fact, the more rich people there is during a natural disaster they are able to help the victims that were in it, which brings them pure happiness that those families won’t have to stress about shelter and food. One person can use money to give to charity that used to help others which gives them satisfaction knowing that they are able to have things like clean water, fresh food. This leads them to less health problems and would make the person more well known for what they did, that makes the one person happy that they made a difference.

In conclusion, money can bring one happiness to an extent. We all have our differences with the meaning of happiness but money is a big part of our lives, it helps us stable things like relationships. It provides temporary satisfaction but that depends on yourself and how to feel about it. You need to have good, solid relationship with your friends and family to maximize your level of happiness.

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