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My Dream Vacation to France

2015 would forever be a memorable year for me. My dad had announced earlier that year that we would all spend our vacation together in France, although he was not certain. I was excited the day he confirmed it, and I had since then began my preparation. In the night of July 15, I had…

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Can We Say That Money Make One Happy

Happiness is not tradable or profitable, its an emotion for example, sadness, anger etc, it measures your entire life up until the present moment. It tends to last long or short for many people, happiness depends on ourselves according to Aristotle’s, but happiness means differently to everyone as what they are looking for. Our life…

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My Dream Vacation Mary Hering

Here is the ‘speech’ (Russell calls it his song lyrics) The topic is ‘My Dream Vacation’ Mary Hering Parallel. Where there’s two of me Where there is someone else who understands me An alternate reality A place where I won’t feel broken A place where I won’t feel ALONE Am I putting too much trust in…

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