Can the Philippines Handle too Much People?

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This topic is all about the population growth in the Pilippines. In the our country there are 106.5 million people as of 2018 and by the end of 2018 the Philippine population will increase by 1.8 million (Perez, 2018).

Philippines is not a rich country, some of the places in manila like Tondo, Sta. Cruz and Sampaloc is not good looking place because there is so many trash outside in the streets. Their home is not nice, example is informal settlers they only live where ever they want to like under the bridge, streets, cemetery, smoky mountain, near at the railroad tracks and the place that they can only find space. most of the people that live in squatter areas are not nice people, they rob because they don’t have money to buy food, their homes are light materials scrap pieces of plastic (Nissen, 2006). They do not care about nature so they just trash in everywhere they want like what happened to Pasig river, the Manila bay is a little dirty inside but the outside looks more pleasing because our President Duterte want it magnificent to look. we must do away with the obsolete notion that “ang (maraming) anak ang yaman ng lahi”(De Leon,2011).

Most of the Filipino people go early in their jobs, school and go wherever they want, they go early because it is the time needed in many companies and schools, another thing is that if the vehicle could only lessen, it can be a progress for us against the traffic that occurring everyday and change the type of vehicle because most of the vehicle here is polluting chemicals to atmosphere. It is always traffic in the areas of Manila, Caloocan, Quezon, Pasig, Pasay, etc. It is traffic because of the human population overgrowth in some places in Manila, Humans are exposure to nature, they destroy something to create more infrastructure. They add parking lot, utilities, and sewage system that destroy nature and also soil, minerals and bodies of water. If the president has political will to do, he should stop all new construction, and no new construction permit should be issued along EDSA all the way from Caloocan City to Makati to the airport (Soliven, 2018).

The responsibility for slowing overpopulation has been moved from the government to the local municipalities, and as a result there is no longer a national plan for combating this problem (Nissen, 2006). The people that live in province also migrating into manila to get a highest paying job but because of the people in manila they did not get what they want because they were influence to be a drug member. The Philippine government needs to deal with major problem that control a threat to economic growth, especially the drug that is coming from different countries including China and many other country

Overpopulation is the root and common cause of all problems in the Philippines and for the country to progress, it only needs solution to solve overpopulation and everything will follow continuously. This problem is one of the circumstance that cause unemployment (Orbeta, et al., 1999). We should stop the people from what they are doing wrong, the goverment should impliment the one(or two) child policy here in Philippines like in China and we should create new law to make people follow and sustain themselves to be able to support themselves and for their family.

Filipino people is the reason why the environment here in the Philippines is dirty, polluted, and destroyed, well in some parts it is not because it is beautiful and it became tourist spots. Some of the company here in Philippines is not Filipino Investor some of the business here is Chinese, American, etc. They invest here because it has more beautiful spots, from mountains to island and the space is wide, it can accumulate numbers of products, other is company and anything that can build in that place. Our country cannot create so much product because we don’t have advanced machinery for us but one way we can help in our country is by exporting our natural resources like grow crops, sell manggoes, exporting coconuts. We can’t buy advance machinery but we can borrow from other country. If the society could only participate in some activities like cleaning the streets everyday and organize their shelter, they could help not the people living in society but also the nature. If Filipino really cared for our, guided and made productive, our people will always be our country’s greatest asset, as our OFWs are now proving and taking action to the societies own problem, They keep the economy afloat even at the most critical time of the world economic crisis. A united and efficient workforce, supported by an efficient and inspired leadership, will contribute greatly to our progress and development. I hope that the people living in this country participate in everything that could make this country better.


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