Benefits and Ethical Issues of Drones

Updated January 13, 2022

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Benefits and Ethical Issues of Drones essay

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Drones have a very huge impact on various aspects of social life. Currently, they are creating a big margin or rift in social classes by putting so much pressure on the lot with low social status. There are many concerns ranging from those discussed above related to privacy, security, and safety issues. Drones have positively impacted the social lives of people considering that they are used to improve their welfare.

Some of the uses that have had a positive impact on people include; the use on irrigation, security, and surveillance. People feel secure knowing that the air force is having a drone up there monitoring the situation. A drone has improved surveillance and that many means security has also increased which has over the decades being considered one of the most life-threatening social challenge.

If drones are reliable for irrigation that they are helping to address another serious social challenge of food insecurity. On an overall, drones have improved the lives of people and saved many since that is also used for delivering aid to those in need (Smyth, 2016).

Further Required Research

The negative impacts associated with the use of drones is what necessitates further research. It is important to note that even with the long list of uses and benefits does not mean the risks should be overlooked. Further research is required to ensure that drones can cause no harm to innocent civilians or to ensure that they cannot be used against the law (Marloh, 2016).

My proposal on further research is based or tailored to improving the safety of drone use. The idea is to make drones user-friendly and also ensure that law enforcement agencies can have a tracker on each and every drone. Drone manufacturers should ensure that drones can be registered just like satellites or airplanes or whatever means just to ensure that they can be tracked to the owner or operator. It is very risky to have so many drones which are not registered, or which cannot be traced to the owner. Specialist and IT consultants should find a way to secure drone use.


In conclusion, the use of drones has many benefits not just to the operator or the owner but also to the general public is used within the confinements of the law. It is important to note that drones have a variety of uses such as aerial photography, surveillance, delivery of packages, and business promotion among other uses (Smyth, 2016). All these uses have a positive social impact on the lives of people. A drone on the wrong hands can also be harmful at equal measure since it can be used for wrong reasons such as stalking or for terrorist activities such as attacks.

Stalking and invention of people’s privacy are some of the major legal and ethical issues that revolve around the use of drones. This is the reason why further research is required to secure the public from rogue drone operators. This can be done by improving the security feature of drones to ensure that they can be traced back to the owner.

Benefits and Ethical Issues of Drones essay

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