An Overview of the Case of Roe v. Wade

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Before I was assigned this debate topic I was not sure where I stood on abortion issue. I thought that I knew the facts, and was leaning more towards the pro-choice side just as recent as Wednesday of this week. I knew this conflicted with my principles, morals, and religion, but I thought it could be for the good that women do this, I thought maybe there were times when it could be okay. But, after I researched this topic, I have changed my mind.

I wanted to attack abortion from a different standpoint other than religion. Religious persons using religious based arguments that are hard to counter easily attack abortion. But as we have seen, religious arguments rarely stand up in courts. Jewish, Methodists, Catholics, Baptists, and Church of Christ all teach against it, but I wanted to reject abortion on the basis of something other than religion. I do not want to be attacked by an atheists view of abortion, so I have chosen to almost entirely leave the Bible out of it (I did mention two sentences about it in class).

On the limited research I have done, I have found some scary figures. There have been around 40 million abortions since the Roe v. Wade decision went through January 22, 1973. That is around the population of Canada, actually a little more. And, there are no signs of slowing down. That is 40 million lives that have been murdered, in my mind.

Another thing that helped me change my mind was the descriptions of the different abortion procedures that I somewhat shared in class. I think every abortion doctor should seek therapy. because there is no way they could be mentally healthy to be able to do those things to an unborn baby. I hope I never morally decay so much that I resort to doing these things to make money, I think I would rather go hungry.

People argue that the fetus does not feel pain, but research shows that they do. Experiments have shown that the fetus reacts to different sorts of stimulations, thus giving them feelings of pleasure and pain. Last time I checked, it was a crime against humanity to injure a defenseless person. Who says the fetus is not a person? More importantly if the fetus is not a person, what makes a person? The answer to that question is a slippery slope, in which the wrong answer could lead to complete disaster.

There are alternatives to abortion, and there should be more. I think the government should step in and take over current programs so people are not trying to capitalize on people who are in desperate situations and who will take advice from unqualified people. There should be more counseling centers, legal aid, pre-natal care, post-natal care, financial support, and maybe most importantly advice on how a woman can continue her education.

I think, after this research I am willing to take my stance. Although I do not know what it is like to be raped or accidentally conceive a child, I still do think that each child could become an integral part of society. Who knows what each of those 40 million would have done, one of them might have found the cure for cancer, or come to UTM and been in one of our classes. But, they were denied even a chance of being born, and that is downright disgusting.

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