An Analysis of the Many Great Inventors During Thomas Edisons Time

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We have had many great inventors and is among them. The creator of many inventions including the electric lamp, stock printer, light bulb, phonograph, and literally hundreds of other useful inventions. Many different things in Edisons life lead him to be such a great inventor including his family life, his personal choices, and numerous other factors.

Many things during Thomas Edisons family life guided him to a career as an inventor. When he was only seven and after only three months of schooling his mother pulled him from public school because of behavioral problems. She decided that she would home school Thomas and that is when he got interested in chemistry and sciences.

His Mother first got him interested by showing him a elementary physical science book. Shortly after that she helped him set up a small laboratory in the cellar of their house. His mother was a huge influence by her continuous support of his interests.

Edisons personal choices greatly lead him to opportunities for new inventions. He worked at a railroad station when he was only twelve years old. That is where he was lead to the invention of both the Stock printer and the telegraph transmitter, as well as many other patents dealing with telegraphs such as the Automatic Telegraph, Duplex Telegraphs, Quadruplex Telegraph Repeater, Telephonic Telegraphs, and Acoustic Telegraphs.

When he was working at the train station a choice that he had no idea would lead to his interest in telegraphs came about. The station operators son had fallen on the tracks. Thomas made a wise decision and decided that he could help him and ran down and got him off the tracks with just about 15 seconds to spare. Because of that the station operator decided to teach Edison about telegraphs. Five years later Edison was given a job as a telegraph operator in Boston, Massachusetts. After having that job for a short time Edison found how he could improve how things were done and that is how all the inventions for telegraphs came about.

Many other things also made him such a great inventor. Edison could have settled with the job as a telegraph operator which he did for a few years but at nights on his free time he would continuously work on inventions trying to make things better. Because of that great desire he came up with many new things that made it easier for everyone.

Another reason Thomas Edison became such a great inventor is because he was able to discover what his skill was, which is something that many people never find out. He knew he was a great inventor and with the money he had been making with his earlier inventions he set up a huge laboratory. Not only did he know his strengths he knew what he was capable of. He said after setting up the laboratory that they would make a minor invention every week and a major one every six months. That is what happened, and sometimes it took even less time.

All of those things combined, his family, his personal decisions, and all of his characteristics were part of making one of the greatest inventors ever. So many things in life have been made easier by Thomas Alva Edisons hard work which brought about 1,093 patents to his name.

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