Perseverance and Success

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When we steadfastly believe in doing something successfully and stick to it despite the challenges and the obstacles that we encounter and remain resolute, we are showing perseverance. Perseverance plays an instrumental role in our life and the best part is that this quality can be acquired without a college education or a formal degree. Although it is an innate quality, yet it can be honed and polished with strong willpower. The will to never give up is the key to success and we will find demonstration of such perseverance and persistence throughout history and our life.

Life can be quite unpredictable. It’s like a roller coaster ride with never-ending ups and downs. Sometimes the sea of life is really smooth and sometimes the rough waves of failure toss us deep in the midst of despair and misery. However, the ones who don’t give up even in the direst circumstances are the ones that succeed in life. They make the success happen for them by overriding all the obstacles and roadblocks they come across.

History has been witness to some great people whose secret of success is in the act of perseverance. If it was not for the American Inventor Thomas Edison’s strong willpower and persistence, we wouldn’t have had the electric light bulb. At least its invention would not have been possible for many years later than 1879.

Success always follows perseverance and grit in every area of our life. Whatever our goals are and whatever we want to achieve in life, it’s possible to realise our dreams if we’re persistent. This distinctive quality is visible from the time we are born. From learning to walk, talk, write and do all the other things that come naturally to us now were learned through our grit and perseverance in our early age.

Perseverance can be developed and enhanced with gradual steps and smaller successes. It is like placing the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You have to be really patient and stick to the task with determination until each piece fits. Only then we can succeed in having a complete picture in front of us.

Knowledge and information play a key role where persistence is concerned. To move ahead in life and actually make a difference the learning should never stop. It can help us summit the mountains which may otherwise seem impossible. Gaining knowledge about the challenges that we face is one of the key factors that’s helpful in overcoming our failures. Learning the causes of failures is another factor that can prevent us from repeating our mistakes and be successful.

Success requires continuous efforts. No matter how many times we falter or fail, it is essential that we don’t give up at any stage of life. Whether it’s the first step or the last one near our goal, persistence is the key. No doubt that all this is easier to write than actually doing it. Failures can be detrimental to the mental health and confidence. It’s not easy to face rejections or your dreams shattering right in front of your eyes. However, this is the thin red line which makes all the difference. Those who cross this line go on to become successful.

Take the example of famous people like the legendary boxer Mohammad Ali (1942-2016) and Michael J. Fox (Back to The Future Fame). Life dealt both of them a really cruel hand of fate right at the peak of their careers. One was a young and successful boxer; the other had reached the peak of his film career and also his love life. It was at this summit of success when a disease like Parkinson’s hit them. However, none of them ever gave up and in fact funded and founded the research centres for Parkinson’s disease. Whether it was their career or life, both these men’s perseverance made a difference in the lives of many people including their own.

A similar story is that of the J. K. Rowling, author of the most popular Harry Potter series. Her rags to riches story is an example that with determination and perseverance we can turn the tables no matter how harsh the fate is towards us. Before becoming famous and a billionaire, she was a single mother living on state benefits for many years. 12 publishers rejected the manuscript of her first book before Bloomsbury took the chance. Since then, there has been no looking back. She never gave up on herself and the one talent she knew she was really good at. The rest is all history and now she is the ninth-best-selling fiction author of all time (estimated 500 million copies sold) according to Wikipedia.org.

Thus, it can be concluded that perseverance is important in our lives because it is the commitment and determination that can help us achieve our goals. This is what keeps us motivated to be successful and not give up on ourselves or our dreams.


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Does perseverance mean success?
Perseverance is an important factor in achieving success, but it is not a guarantee. Success also depends on various other factors such as talent, hard work, opportunity, and luck.
How does perseverance lead to success?
Perseverance leads to success because it allows people to overcome failures and continue working towards their goals. It also helps people to learn from their mistakes and become better at what they do.
What is perseverance Why is it important in life?
Perseverance is the quality of continuing to try to do something even though it is difficult. It is important in life because it can help you to achieve your goals.
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