Advantages of Drones Using

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Drones has been a topic that is discussed frequently. Many people believe that we shouldn’t use drones but they are actually helpful in their own ways. The police use drones in many ways that lets them observe the situation before any action is taken, thus saving people’s lives by not allowing them to go blindly into danger scenarios.

A drone is used to make an orthomosaic map. An orthomosaic map is detailed, accurate photo representation of a specific area that consists of many photos that is then stitched together to geographically correct any missing parts to show a map of the area without the need of getting close. They are also used in situation that are caused by natural disasters.

Such as, wildfires, earthquakes, and floods. They allow eyes on the sky without taking up much space which also allows them to fit in spaces that are small and allow coverage. In situation this that, drones have saved many lives and rescued people in danger places. (2018, Zacc Dukowitz) There are about 910 states and local police stations, sheriff, fire and emergency services agencies in the U.S. have started to use drones. Just in this year alone there has been an increase of about 82 percent. (2018, Christine Book).

Public agencies look at drones to increase the public’s safety and better communication. They are used in all manners of activities from locating missing persons, stolen vehicles and suspects fleeing from crime scenes. There was also a 24% increase in the commercial sections of drones. Law enforcements have decided to turn to drones for all types of activities, quickly taking pictures of accident scenes to help investigator reconstruct the incident later using a software.

The departments started to consider the use of drones about a year ago. They used it for 6 crashes and that resulted in the spending of $15,000 with the drones and the training required. They also speed up the time it takes to find evidence and come up with a conclusion about what happened. On the ground, investigating a crash takes about 3 hours to figure out, and with the drone, it was done in about 45 minutes.

With the use of drones, you can have many experts in different fields together at the crime scene without actually having to be there. This will bring all the different departments so much quicker, less time spent, and faster efficiency on getting the right results about what went down and how. (2018, Phil Goldstein).

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