A Special Gift of a Stethoscope

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When I was five years old my grandpa brought home a stethoscope that he happened to find. He gave me the stethoscope as a gift and I was fascinated by it. The stethoscope was rare and of interest to me; I wondered what could it be? I vaguely remember my grandpa picking up the stethoscope and placing it around his neck. He then felt for my heartbeat and heard my heart race. I was dumbfounded and I thought that it was the coolest gift I had ever received.

My mom and grandpa saw that it lit a spark in me when I wore it around my neck as I searched for their pulse. Although I was barely five; I was fascinated by this tool that my grandpa happened to find in a hotel and decided to give to me. That was the day the special gift of the stethoscope sparked an interest in me of pursuing a college degree. My five year old self found a passion for what I wanted to be. Now that I am in college, I still have an interest in my calling that I found when I was five years old.

Ever since my grandpa brought home a stethoscope I kept my passion of wanting to become a doctor alive. I am now a biology Pre-Med Major, and I vaguely remember that month of October, where I had dressed up as a doctor for halloween wearing the stethoscope my grandpa gave to me. It was a small gift but when I was little it lit a spark in me and ever since then i have dreamed of becoming a doctor. More specifically a heart surgeon, it was that day I felt my passion come alive and knew I would make it come to life. This experience impacted me greatly.

Ever since my grandpa had brought the stethoscope, it gave me hope that one day I might accomplish my dream of becoming a heart surgeon.I found my calling when I was only five years old, and to this day I still want to pursue my dream career. I learned the most important lesson in my young life from my grandpa: “ If thinking of your dream makes your heart race then chase after it even if you run out of breath!” To this day I still remember what my grandpa said to me even if he may not be here right now ;I still give my all in pursuing my dream of eventually walking on that stage getting my Master’s degree.

When I feel discouraged which often happens I remember my five year old self receiving that gift and just imagine myself wearing it in the future. I want to become a heart surgeon and had a calling for it when I was five because I have an interest in helping people have and adapt to a happy, healthy heart and lifestyle. I know that pursuing this career will be difficult, but I am willing to take my chances if it means that I will be able to perform cardiovascular surgeries on my patients and help them have a healthy heart. For I believe that the Heart is the main organ and the soul of the body. For example, our heart gives us blood and our veins provide oxygen for us. Without the two circulatory systems we would not be alive and the heart is like the powerhouse of a person’s entire body.

My five year old self sure knew what she was thinking and without the stethoscope that my grandpa had brought home I do not know what I would have chosen for my dream career. I often ask myself would I still want to be a heart surgeon? I figured that those are only questions that God could answer and I am grateful that he gave me my calling. It was an special gift from my grandpa that made me want to become a doctor and although it was just something he had happened to find it meant the world to me. I know that he would be proud of me right now for coming this far and studying at Evangel University to become a heart surgeon.

If it was not for my grandpa giving me a stethoscope as a gift I do not know how I would have found my passion. My Grandpa meant the world to me and he was someone I always looked up to and he is my inspiration when I feel like giving up. I know that the day I graduate college and earn my degree I will be free and get to finally be a Heart Surgeon that I always wanted to be ever since I was five years old. I imagine myself helping patients and performing surgery on people hoping that when they wake up they will feel better than when they entered the hospital. I know that pursuing this career will be difficult, but I am willing to take my chances if it means that I will accomplish my goal.


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