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The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick

Cultural assumptions and stereotypes hold back an individual from reaching their potential and don’t allow them to feel that they belong within the environment. The story The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick is focused on a teenage boy named Billy who runs away from his abusive home and goes to a small town called Bendarat…

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4 Steps to Creating the Perfect Customized Coolers for a Graduation Gift

Is your loved one going to be graduating soon? How about getting them a custom cooler to mark the occasion? After spending the last few years working hard to earn their degree, they deserve only the best. Your loved one graduating is significant because it means that they’re closer to their career aspirations. After all those sleepless…



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Christmas Gift Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistakes are common during the holidays. You might find yourself buying expensive items beyond your budget or buying items only for them to get rejected. While it is easy to get carried by the frenzied mood in the festive season, you should avoid making the following mistakes. Focusing on the External If you are not…



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