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The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick

Cultural assumptions and stereotypes hold back an individual from reaching their potential and don’t allow them to feel that they belong within the environment. The story The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick is focused on a teenage boy named Billy who runs away from his abusive home and goes to a small town called Bendarat…

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Corporate Gifts Ideas

Once again, the much awaited time of the year is here, Christmas. Certainly the busiest time of the year, during the season, chances of finding time to select and purchase all those corporate gifts for your employees and associates are hundred-to-one. In today’s highly spirited marketplace, aggressive competition has ushered consumers into an era where…




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DIY Wine Basket Gift

Celebrations and holidays are year round, and it is quite tiring to think of something to give every time an occasion draws near. It has been my problem too, that is why I thought of something for everyone and for all occasions. So, I decided to prepare a do-it-yourself wine basket as gift! Why give…


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Science about Giving Gifts

Receiving and giving gifts have been a part of common human social behaviors since the beginning of history. Even though different societies have different reasons and customs of giving gifts, there is an underlying responsibility of returning a gift after one receiving one. Marcel Mauss asked about why people have a strong desire to return…



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Greening the Holidays Gifts

The holidays are the best time of the year. Filled with family, friends, food, and hopefully a few days off, there’s not much to complain about! It also is a season of excess; we order expensive gifts from all corners of the world, growing our carbon footprint and the hole in our wallets. Here are…




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The Gift of Giving

To fully understand the true meaning of holiday spirit, one must be willing to give back, give thanks and lend a helping hand to those in need. Thanksgiving is not about turkey. Christmas and Hanukkah are not about gifts. New Years is not about a giant lit-up ball and champagne. While most may be rushing…




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The Legend of the Christmas Gift

You wake up bright and early in the morning to the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies and vanilla candles. It’s about eight in the morning and the sun is flashing through your window. It’s about now when you realize what day it is. You excitingly sprint out into the living room. You rummage underneath…




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4 Steps to Creating the Perfect Customized Coolers for a Graduation Gift

Is your loved one going to be graduating soon? How about getting them a custom cooler to mark the occasion? After spending the last few years working hard to earn their degree, they deserve only the best. Your loved one graduating is significant because it means that they’re closer to their career aspirations. After all those sleepless…



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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Terminally Ill

Sadly, everyone will be faced with the question of what to give a terminally ill loved one during holiday celebrations when the act of giving feels trivial and meaningless. Reality often strikes at these stressful moments when no online store or shopping mall is selling what you truly wish to give your loved one; a…



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Great Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are fast approaching and like most people, perhaps you already have a gift list started. Shopping for kids is easy (and fun!), but when it comes to the aging adult in your life, gift-giving can get a little tricky. Here is a list of some wonderful gift ideas sure to please seniors in…




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