What Do a Heroes Do?

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In the article “5 Qualities of Incredibly Heroic Leaders”, Bill Murphy Jr. states 5 qualities, but not once does he mention fame, good looks, or fortune. According to Bill Murphy’s article, “While few of us are called to rush into oncoming bullets, we make choices every day about whether to act heroically or ordinarily.” I believe that my grandpa is a hero because even though he does little things, he impacts us in a big way.

When I asked my grandpa if he thought of himself as a hero, he said no, and said that (heroes were people that sacrificed themselves for others, like the military (Ralph). He does a lot of little things, like give advice, help on projects, take care of my grandmother, help me, and helps others that he meets. He has helped me before, and taught my dad how to do a lot of things that are useful.

According to Bill Murphy, a hero is a selfless person that is helping others and “does so without any expectation of payback.” My grandpa had dreams of traveling a lot when he retired, but my grandma has Celiac disease and osteoporosis, so instead he stays home and takes care of her. He prepares all the meals gluten free, he cleans, and does anything else that she needs. If it weren’t for him, it is likely she would be in a nursing home.

Another trait that the author says is heroic is humility. The reason my grandpa says he doesn’t think of himself as a hero is because he is humble. My grandpa doesn’t just take care of my grandma when everyone else is there, he does it 24/7. He doesn’t complain. There is something about how he is modest about it and not showing off how great it is. I think my grandpa understands why superheroes wear masks. They just want make differences in the world without much attention to their normal selves.

Heroes are all around us. Just like my grandpa, there are lots of people walking around that are heroes. Bill Murphy states that “…we make choices every day about whether to act heroically or ordinarily.” For example, a man walked by a tall building and noticed a crowd standing below the building. He saw what was going on saved a little boy hanging from a four story building by climbing up that high in 30 seconds (Spider-Man’ of Paris …)

Simply put, heroes are good people that will help others. We can choose to be heroes by doing something simple, such as doing little things for others, doing it not to make yourself look good, but to make others happy. My grandpa is only one example of a hero. Heroes can be anybody that sacrifices their time and resources and things they want to do to help others succeed in whatever they need selflessly.


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