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Why Is It Important to Respect NCOs?

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Why Is It Important to Respect NCOs? essay
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Being a soldier in the Army means understanding the Seven Core Values and living up to them. One of the Seven Core Values is respect. Soldiers are expected to obey and respect the orders of their senior leaders. What is respect? Respect can be in various forms. It can be knowledge self awareness, trust, character, honesty, understanding, and a positive attitude. Without respect flowing in the chain command, the Army today would not exist.

NCOs have gone through schools and have put in hard work throughout their years of service in the army. They have been approved by the chain of command that they are eligible to lead junior soldiers in the battlefield. In combat situations, they are expected to protect junior soldiers’ lives and lead them towards completion of mission. These are the reasons why they have earned the position of non-commissioned officer and should therefore be respected. However those tasks would be impossible to be satisfied without respect from junior soldiers. Absence of respect may cause disobedience to orders which will most likely put soldiers’ lives in danger and mission failures. Therefore, giving respect to an NCO is an important role as a soldier in the United States military.

Respect is very important not only in combat situations but also in non-combat situations. It keeps the harmony and balance in the workplace, enhancing the work efficiencies. Mutual respect helps reduce workplace stress, prevents conflict and problems. This leads to better communications and teamwork. Furthermore when a person feels that they are being respected from other person, they are approached by feeling of trust and will become more likely to put faith into that person. Giving to others can be seen as a form of showing respect.

Failing to show respect to your superiors may lead to punishments that will make you look bad to others. Punishments will be given out to whoever disrespects or does not listen to a non commissioned officer. Furthermore disrespecting an NCO may lead to UCMJ actions. With the UCMJ the soldier could lose rank, lose pay, extra duty, getting discharged, or even getting jail time depending on how bad or sever the violation is. It may also prevent the soldier from going to schools, or promotion boards.

After writing this essay, I understand that respect must be present between ranks disrespect is not tolerated in the Army. I now realize that I have been disrespectful to my NCO. I apologize for this and will try to show more respect when identical situation occurs.

Why Is It Important to Respect NCOs? essay

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What is the most important attribute of an NCO?
We talk about leadership and say that to be a good leader you must have candor, commitment, courage, and competence . If you truly care you will do all those things. If you care about our nation, if you care about the Army, if you care about the soldiers and their families, you'll ensure you possess those qualities.
Why are NCOs so important?
"NCOs are the doers," the senior enlisted advisor said. " They provide inspiration, purpose, motivation, direction and discipline to the troops they lead, and they are also responsible for the individual training of those in their charge ." Empowerment can come only through training and trust, he said.
Why is respect important in the military?
The Army Ethic calls on us to recognize the dignity and worth of all people, treat them with respect and compassion, and place others' needs above our own. Respect leads us to give our best effort for the team, expect the best in others and humbly realize we are part of a greater mission: defending America's freedom .
Why you shouldn't disrespect an NCO?
For many reasons the Non Commissioned Officers keep the moral up and motivate soldiers and encourage them to do their very best and showing disrespect to the non commissioned officer's not only lowers moral, it also makes it to where the NCO thinks less of the person and lowers the person's creditably .…
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