Why I Wan to Study Abroad in England at De Montfort University

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My name is Serena Strok and I’m currently in second-year, studying Leisure & Events Management at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. I’m so excited to have this unique chance of expanding my education and create new opportunities for my career. I’m particularly interested in studying in England at De Montfort University because of the diversity and the course they offer. In this letter, I will tell you more about this.

For me living abroad was always something I’ve wanted to do, whether it was studying abroad, doing an internship abroad, or doing a language course abroad. Thinking about this I was always interested in going to an English-speaking country. When I was younger I was always really into American shows and I would watch them with my older sister a lot. I think this is one of the foremost reasons why I’m so into the English language and living in an English-speaking country.

Over the years I would often speak English with my friends and sometimes I even think in English or have an English word in my head that I want to translate but I’ve forgotten the Dutch word for it. Over the years I started aiming more towards England because of the interest I have in the language and culture. I’ve also been there already, so I would love to explore that interest some more.

One major reason for me choosing the UK as number one for my study abroad is because the universities there are rated one of the highest among the rest of the world.

When employers see this on my CV, I’ll for example, have a higher chance of getting chosen for a job, in comparison to others who haven’t done a study abroad or haven’t done it in the UK.

Another reason for me choosing England is Notting Hill Festival, this festival is one I’ve been wanting to go to for some time now. It celebrates Caribbean culture and my culture is very similar to that.

Another reason I really want to do a study abroad, is because I would love to develop myself, both personally and professionally and enrich my knowledge.

The reason I feel like I’m so good for this program because I’m a person who gets along well with others, no matter the situation or person, I’m also open and considerate of others and their cultures or beliefs.

Although I’ve never lived abroad, I love to travel and come in contact with new cultures and experience new things, with new people. Which is why I look forward to the challenge of living and studying abroad independently because I’m sure that I’m ready for it.

De Montfort University is my first choice for my stay due to the diversity of the school and the program that really fits my interests.

To me, diversity is really important because I like to communicate with others across cultures. This to me is a very important aspect of this opportunity and it I think I would be the perfect fit for a chance to do this with people from all around the world.

At De Montfort University, they also offer a program called ‘’Events & Festival Management’’. This course will equip me with the skills I need in the area that interests me the most such as; festivals, theatres, music venues etc.

The courses music industry and media industry really sparks my interest. Because one of my favourite leisure activities is to go to concerts and another one is to go to festivals. I also love listening to music so it would be very interesting to get a better understanding of the music industry. This course also includes getting a better understanding of particular music genres and learning about the history of these genres and this really interests me a lot too because I listen to different genres of music.

The reason media industry sparks my interest because I am someone who spends a lot of time on social media and really social media has affected my life a lot. For example, it taught me a lot about being more open and understanding to other people.

Finally, I would like to say that I’m really motivated to take this opportunity and make the best out of it. I have travelled internationally and I’m confident that these experiences and my open-mindedness will make the perfect fit for this chance. It would be a pleasure to represent not only my course but also Inholland during my semester in England.

Thank you so much for reading, and considering my application. I look forward to your response!

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