Why Do Immigrants Come To The United States?

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Immigrants come to the United States looking for a better life, and successful education. They also migrate for economic opportunities and stability, the country they’re leaving might not provide adequate pay, and those who find jobs here often send money to their families back in their countries. As a result, many immigrants are inspired to come to the US and live the American dream. another reason immigrants come to the united states is to reunite with loved ones.

When someone migrates to the US they look for religious freedom, which most countries don’t have religious freedoms which are considered a human right in the United States. Many countries forbid people to practice their own religious beliefs. Better health care, having a safe home environment, and having access to better healthcare. Immigrants wanted somewhere where they could feel safe and somewhere where they can be whoever they wanna be. Immigrants come here for a better life knowing it would be hard because in America no one gives you anything but only the chance to prove yourself to become successful, you have to make it on your own. Some immigrants come to escape violence or war, where in the US they can feel safe.

What Are Their Expectations?

Immigrants think that immigration is hard but somehow they had a reason to leave their country, they had to leave for some reason. From my experience as an immigrant, it was hard, especially the language barrier, and how people viewed me as a person since I’m from the middle east. People view us as a terrorist and especially coming to a new country was renting and how to find a decent job. What immigrants expect from leaving their country was that it would be a little easier but it turns out to be hard, especially finding a job is the hardest part of coming to the USA since most immigrants do not speak the language so most jobs require the language which most immigrants lack. They didn’t expect America to be so full of racism, they thought that coming to the US was to escape that racism and being called names but now they know that what they expected was not true. And so renting is kinda hard for immigrants who do not know anyone that lives in the US to help them because in some renting apartments or houses they need a cosigner which most people do not have.

Immigrants are insisting on learning English they just want to be understood. It’s hard to get a job in the US without learning English. Some immigrants spoke English just to get by or not at all. Without hard work, their dream would not come true. They know that a person has to work very hard to achieve something in this country. Nobody gives you anything for free.

What Problems Do They Face?

The difficulty of speaking English, imagine driving here unable to speak English, working, making friends, or filling out forms is hard. Many immigrants take ESL classes but especially for adults, not the kids because between taking classes and taking care of their children is hard. But for the children, it is easy since they are in school every day, and have no other responsibilities but school. Parents raising their children is very hard, especially in this new, unfamiliar culture. Parents hate that their children are quickly Americanized which may be at odds with their own culture. Children tend to pick up English faster than their parents.

It’s very disappointing that parents see their children struggling in a class since it’s very hard for them to assist their children. They find it difficult to find a job and especially starting at a low wage and moving up the ladder is very difficult. Immigrants are easy victims for discrimination and workers or students who can\’t or struggle with their English are easy targets for discrimination since they can’t defend themselves. Safe, desirable houses are expensive so trying to obtain that with low paying jobs. But imagine undocumented immigrants have a difficult time accessing services when they badly need it since they are of being deported.

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