Who’s Fault in Evil?

Updated January 14, 2022

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Who’s Fault in Evil? essay

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Many people when they hear the world evil tend to hate on it, or anything related to the act of “evil”. Then they may ask themselves who caused this? Can it be stopped for good? The logical problem of evil is that if there is a God in this Earth, he would want to create an ideal perfect world. Supposedly, he would also have no problems of any sorts in it, God would want it to be appear perfect, so technically God, does not exist (James Rachels). He would want the world to be “prefect” in every way. However, I have chosen to take part of the idea that humans or the devil are the cause of evil, not God. I think we are the cause of evil not God.

First, there is many versions of “evil” one person may think something, or someone is evil, another person may think that person is the opposite of evil. The word evil, I feel is and has many different means to different people and cultures. However, I think us, or the devil is the cause of evil not God, I feel like we have the “free will” to choose what we our actions in life will be God has nothing to with our so called “evil” actions. For example, evil could fall in the pain category, however, pain may be used as a warning system (James Rachels).

For example, let’s say that your tired and feeling sleepily, this could be a sign that you need to rest a bit. This supports we are the cause of evil, we chose not to rest and then the effect is that we start feel tired, then which could hurt us and maybe even have some accident of some sort. God didn’t cause this, we did the “evil” in this cause pain to ourselves. I feel like we should be held responsible for acts like this. This also goes back to the logical Problem of Evil, in a way if the world was perfect in every way, then what would protect from dangers? The opposite of this would be by how people born ill or disable what they do to get this horrible thing to them (James Rachels).

For example, let’s say that your born blind, what did you do to get this burden? If God created everything why did he chose you to make you blind, what would be the reason behind this? I feel like there is always a reason for something, but sometimes we can’t find the reason behind things like this. But if God made a perfect world, won’t all of us be the same? Since, God would have made all humans perfect. Then humans would all be the same, nothing special since all of us would be perfect as God made us. Let’s say God made all the world perfect, then how would we know what’s good or bad?

When there is light there all must be darkness. Evil could just be a requirement that God made so we value the good in the world (James Rachels). For example, if we crash our car, we will more likely value our next car then the world that came before, if we did not crash our car, we would not treasure it as much as we would have if we lost it.

The opposite or objection is of this is what if the person is always good and has never done anything wrong and then randomly bad things start happing to the person (James Rachels). So how does God control this? We are born as sinners could be why everyone suffers, so we humans suffer evil not individual (James Rachels). However, if a good person says good, and then gets a bad stage or event in he or her life can just mean that it’s just a random event. Even if your good all your life, it could just be chance or there could’ve been something that caused the bad even. So, God may not be responsible for bad things happening to good people, I feel like people could have cause that, not God.

Free will could play a big role in the Problem of Evil. God could’ve made all humans alike or clones, but instead he has us free will the choice to mold ourselves to our liking, and some of our choice may have or will be bad (James Rachels). If we didn’t have free will we will have been made been all similar and just clones, and nothing special, together will would have just been anther rock in a rock beach, mean less (James Rachels). Since, we have free will we can choose to do whatever we want to do in this world, and have the right to hurt or help other humans, we are responsible for hurting and killing other people, not God (James Rachels).

The mistake in is if God had made everyone the same, we would have no uniqueness or art that would help the world, with our talents (James Rachels). So, everyone can be the same, or we would just be like a car on the road, on a road of cars, nothing special never heard of from the world or may even God, himself.

Another objection is that any kind of evil may be requirement for our character that each of us have (James Rachels). If we are prefect like (God want to have the perfect world), we could be lazy and have limited or no ceiling to ourselves, we would have no challenges to face, no way to improve ourselves or others around us (James Rachels). So, there must be some evil in this world, we are still responsible for our “evil” actions, not God.

We can see that they’re many options about whose fault evil is and whose blamed responsible for it many people have their own thoughts on the subject. For me personally, I feel like I should be held for my actions and my consequences. Since, I have gotten “free will”. This topic will continue to go on for maybe forever, no one knows I feel like there is a lot to learn and talk about this question and subject in general.

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Who’s Fault in Evil? essay

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