What Affect Organizational Culture

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The development of information technologies in the last decade, their rapid penetration into various areas of life affect the development of the personality of a modern child, greatly expanding its educational and educational opportunities, the system of communication and leisure. Along with the positive impact of information technology, there is a negative impact.

The Internet, without any doubt, is one of the greatest inventions of mankind, although its role in the history of the species Homo sapiens is evaluated differently, some even argue that the emergence of the World Wide Web is the beginning of the global end of people as a biological species. Studies of the influence of the Internet on thinking and behavior are conducted not so long ago, but on the basis of the results obtained, experts already draw some conclusions – for example, that the network changes the reading technique.

For thousands of years, mankind has learned to read books, perceiving information consistently, but with the development of the Internet, everything changed – it became possible to quickly switch between different sources, using links and keywords. Many Internet users spend no more than a few seconds viewing each page and quickly focus on any other topics. As a result, reading becomes superficial, information is not deposited in the consciousness, as a result, the thinking itself changes. Despite the negative assessments of the impact of social networks on people’s communication skills, scientists recognize that in some ways they can be useful.

New economic conditions, the dynamism of external conditions, improvement of the educational level of staff and civic maturity of workers, changes in motivation contributed to the development of organizational culture and demanded that management review traditional management theories and methods of regulating labor behavior and motivation based on them. Management services have changed their attitude to the culture of the organization and began to use it more actively as a factor in increasing competitiveness, production, and management efficiency.

The formation of an organizational culture depends on external and internal factors of the organization’s development, it can go spontaneously or be targeted. The organizational culture is influenced by the social and business environment, national state and ethnic factors. For the practice of management, it is important to receive from the theory an answer to two questions: what should be known about the national culture in order to predetermine its influence on the culture of the organization.

Culture permeates the entire management process, plays an important role in the process of communication, defining the logic of thinking and perception of verbal and non-verbal information. People with different cultures, especially in national and religious terms, differ in their perception of reality because they view everything around them through their prism. The culture of any organization is under the powerful influence of the national factor.

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