Western Diet

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Everyone likes to eat food, but they don’t think carefully about what they eat and what will happen to their bodies. One of the main reasons why everyone eats food is because it’s required for them to be alive. Eating something nutritious like a bowl of salad or a plate of green peas would be able to keep the human body alive for the day. Eating more meals a day would help satisfy the body from being starved. It’s acceptable for people to eat food regularly but sometimes they would take it too far. This means that they wouldn’t follow the formula for a healthy meal so then they would go beyond its boundary.

There are reasons as to why people do this even when they know that it’s wrong. One of the main reasons why is that it feels good to eat a large amount of food. Even though it would feel satisfying, it tends to lead people into having an unhealthy body. This kind of eating habit is called the western diet and it’s one of the worst kinds that the human species has created. The western diet has influenced the ways that people eat and their consumption with different amounts of food as well as the effects that it would cause in their health which would determine the state and condition that people will be in and how it could negatively affect them if they were to work on a bad diet.

The western diet has been a topic that people discussed, whether it’s an issue or not. It’s a type of standard diet that most of the western countries have taken in and accepted it as its own. What is usually consumed in a western diet would be foods with lots of fat, sweets, salt, and dairy. This, unfortunately, ignores food that are fruits, vegetables, and grains which are supposed to be healthy. These are the kinds of healthy food that are required to have a well-fit body but yet the western diet ignores it. The United States had been one of the greatest offenders to have this diet and its effects get worse as those people keep on taking this diet. This can easily be seen by how the marketplace has promoted this type of diet across the country such as commercials of Mcdonalds or Wendys. As long as these keep on getting marketed, the United States, as well as other developed nations, will continue to suffer from the western diet. There are tremendous effects that go along with this as they could affect parts of the body in many negative ways.

The western diet has been known to cause one of the main problems that are very common among people and that would be obesity. Being more obese would increase the chance of having diabetes as well as other diseases. These are problems that only countries with the western diet would most likely have, since the countries with other diets would rarely get them. While the western diet keeps on increasing, obesity and other diseases are growing along with them in developing countries.

What’s changing for this to happen is that an increased production of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress, development of hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, low-grade inflammation and abnormal activation of the sympathetic nervous system and the renin-angiotensin system (Kopp…, 2019). This would also affect the study of changing organisms that are related to diet and fetal development. Having a certain diet can affect the immune homeostasis, gut microbiome, adipose tissue, liver, and central nervous system which are supposed to help the immune system (Christ…, 2019).

For someone to have these kinds of change in the process of taking the western diet would be a very bad thing as it could limit their body’s ability to be as effective as possible. This means that changing the western diet to a better one as well as including some effective exercise should help lower the effects of the western diet changed by lowering the chance for obesity and diseases to occur. Doing this wouldn’t change or affect any of the processes in the body that would cause an increase in obesity or other diseases related to it.

The western diet has been found to cause problems to the body which could risk its health. One of the things that the western diet was found to affect was the blood flow of the body. There was a study to show whether aging or the western diet could affect the blood flow of the body. To help with the study, there was an experiment conducted on mice. It was about giving a different diet to mice in different age groups. After the experiment, the results were shown that in the primary vascular smooth muscle cells, aging would lower the stress levels of the bloodstream while fatty acids would increase the numbers of stress levels (Walker…, 2019).

This means that the blood flow of the human body would increase whenever it takes in the western diet. This should be looked at as a bad thing because having an increased blood rate would cause some circulatory problems. This would also increase the chance of getting a heart attack or a blockage of blood in the arteries. It’s important to keep a check on the blood flow and the heart rate whenever eating food with high amounts of fats so the body can regularly stay active.

Another thing that the western diet would affect is the chance to increase any kind of disease in the bowel area. Some people who worry about their health wonders about whether their diet has anything to do with inflammatory bowel diseases. Ways to implement nutritions for people who have inflammatory bowel disease are short because of how much of a mystery it is. Relationships were found between diet, gut microbiota, intestinal integrity, and immune responses based on a couple of studies. People that took the western diet were found to have an increased number of inflammations (Molendijk…, 2019).

One way for people to help prevent people from having inflammatory bowel diseases in the western diet would be to replace it with an inflammatory diet. A good kind of inflammatory diet for people to think about doing would be the Mediterranean diet. This is a type of diet that is of nutritions, the opposite of what the western diet is. Multiple studies had a group of people take the western versus the Mediterranean diet.

The studies showed positive results for the people who took the Mediterranean diet such as reduced joint pain and improvements on joint movements. Additionally, the risk of cardiovascular disease which happens in the circulatory system has greatly reduced. Then, there was one additional study where people had to take three feedback days with their diet. It was found that seventy percent were willing to change their dietary plan close to the Mediterranean one and their overall way of living had improved. What all of this means is that taking an approach to a different kind of diet other than the western diet could help lower the chance of getting inflammations or diseases in the bowel areas.

The western diet has been found to regulate the immune response of the body. The sepsis involves mainly on the topic of immune regulation as it’s a response to the immune system. It’s an immune response to infections that could lead to organ failures if not treated properly. This is a bad immune response that should be avoided or else it could shut down organs. What controls this response and how it’ll affect the body is unknown but this could be solved by an experiment. The experiment was performed on mice, where one group had to take a western diet with inflammation while the other had to eat a diet that’s rich in fiber (Napier…, 2019).

It showed that the mice who took the western diet had a higher inflammation rate compared to the ones taking the fiber-rich diet. What the result means is that the western diet may be regulating the immune system in a way that’s unknown as it’s still being discovered. This can be seen as a bad thing as it could make people more vulnerable to diseases. The experiment proves that the western diet is transforming the immune system and it’s changing the response to sepsis which can be dangerous to the body. Society should be careful about how their immune system is responding to what they eat.

The western diet has been found to increase the chance of having cancer. It has been known to cause a high-risk component in colorectal because of its high consumption in fats. This means that it promotes tumors to happen more often which would increase the chance for someone to have cancer. Mice were tested to see how a western diet would affect them compared to a regular chow diet. They were male mice who took either one of the diets for four weeks. They were then injected with forms of antibiotics after a couple of days. Their colons were removed and analyzed at the end of the experiment.

The results show that tumors were found in eighty-eight percent of the mice that were fed with the western diet compared with thirty percent of mice given the same procedures but took a regular diet (Gaines…, 2019). What this means is that tumors are more likely to form on someone who is taking the western diet rather than a regular diet. What this could mean for society is that there could be fewer existing diseases from cancer if they were to focus on maintaining a healthy diet. Countries like the United States could be at risk of developing an increase in cancer as well as diseases if they’re going to continue endorsing the western diet.

The western diet seems to intensify the symptoms found in cancer. This is due to the cause of inflammatory bowel disease from eating a western diet. It was predicted that the western diet could cause symptoms even after going back to a regular diet when the cancer process had already started. To help prove this, mice were experimented in groups who took the western diet and those that didn’t. The mice with the western diet were found to have irritated symptoms, shortened colons, a changed microbiota composition, and an increased chance for tumors to form (Gröschel…, 2019).

When they switched back to their regular diet, it diminished the effects of what they had experienced in the western diet. According to the results, it shows that switching to a healthy diet while having cancer can slowly revert the negative effects that were caused by the western diet. This means that switching to a healthy diet even after consuming a western diet could help the body system slowly regulate itself better. This matters as much to a person that’s involved with cancer as it could help slow down the effects of diseases that they’re suffering from.

It has been known that stress and the western diet has been related to each other. They both have their own risks that could affect the modern lifestyle that people live in. They can increase the chance of getting neuropsychiatric disorders such as seizures or headaches. These two factors would increase a ratio in the phospholipids in neurons, which would make the endocannabinoid system over-activate in areas that control emotions. An imbalance could also happen which affects how the brain controls stress responses or events (Dagnino-Subiabre…, 2019).

This would significantly increase the chance of getting neuropsychiatric disorders. What all of this means is that these factors could make people lose some control over their own emotions and it can even get worse where the brain can lose control of itself over stressful situations. If the western diet and stress seem to connect how the brain acts in stressful situations, then eating a healthier diet could help oppose the effects of losing control of the brain. What is gathered from this is that the western diet and stress are interesting systems where they can control the effects of having stress.

Vitamin D is involved in the human body by keeping the bones healthy. It’s been grown to be less effective when it’s involved with diseases like cancer from the western diet. In Germany as well as in other parts of the world that takes in the western diet, having a UVB-induced cutaneous vitamin D production is the main source for the body to fulfill its needs (Saternus…, 2019). However, this would cause a problem because exposure to artificial UVR increases the risk of skin cancer. There are other possible sources for vitamin D with them being from diets and supplements but a few amounts of natural foods have an important quantity of vitamin D.

Also, the source of them cannot fulfill the body’s requirements for vitamin D. A large amount of evidence has shown that vitamin D is missing its sufficiency around the world which is usually common, especially with the western diet. The goal should be to keep an update on the vitamin D status in a population with a western diet and develop strategies to use any kind of vitamin D supplies. How this can be done is by doing a study or survey, as these methods could help strengthen how data for vitamin D can be collected. This should be able to help with how vitamin D can be utilized in everyday life and find out how vitamin D is related to this.

Over the last fifty years, eating disorders have grown and its image has changed. Eating disorders are out of the ordinary eating habits that people have developed. They can happen to someone for any reason such as having feelings of anxiety or being born with it through genetics. The western diet could have a connection to eating disorders as having it could change how someone would eat. A huge change that happened over time was the introduction of ultra-processed foods. These would include foods such as pizza, pasta, and ice cream.

These highly processed foods are slowly replacing unprocessed or low processed foods such as fruits or vegetables. They’ve been known to have more appeal to the regular person who wants something to eat as well as all children. Since more people are having more appeal for highly processed foods, the marketplace would want to provide more of these kinds of food which would replace the unprocessed foods. This kind of change is dangerous as it encourages the behavior of eating disorders. The effect that this would have is that intake on sugars and food additives would increase. This would cause many consequences such as triggering insulin and glucose response, invigorating appetite, and affecting endocrines (Ayton…, 2019).

In conclusion, food has been one of the most important things that impacted human history. Throughout the ages, humans have eaten food to survive as being their main reason in doing so. Eventually, as the human species begin to evolve, their environment, as well as the food around them, would transform along with them. People within developed countries have evolved to sustain their production of food which gave people the chance to experience more with food.

In the present time, people are taking an unhealthy diet based on the given situations that happened. Companies would promote unhealthy food for people to take in and then this would encourage more companies to do the same thing which would cause this cycle to go on in an infinite loop. This unhealthy diet called the western would eventually become one of the leading topics in society’s standards.

It has been said to cause many diseases and symptoms that could negatively impact the human body. It has been found to cause problems that could decay the human body such as obesity, interruption of blood flow, inflammatory bowel diseases, immune response, increased chance of getting cancer, symptoms of cancer, stress, loss of vitamin D, and eating disorders. What’s important to know about these problems is that they can easily be avoided if people were to take a healthier diet than the western diet. Do whatever you can to eat healthily and make sure to keep track of any symptoms that could happen to your body when eating food.


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Are there any benefits to the Western diet?
Yes, there are benefits to the Western diet. The Western diet is associated with a lower risk of death from all causes and a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease.
What countries have a Western diet?
A Western diet is a diet that typically includes high amounts of red and processed meat, refined grains, potatoes, sugar, and saturated and trans fats. Countries with a Western diet include the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and some European countries.
What is considered the Western diet?
The Western diet is typically high in fat and calories, and low in nutrients. This diet has been linked to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and other health problems.
Why is Western diet unhealthy?
“The biggest features [of a Western diet] are overconsumption of over-refined sugars, highly refined and saturated fats, animal protein and a reduced intake of plant-based fibers ,” says Ian Myles, from the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
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