Understanding Your Personality Traits

Updated May 29, 2021

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Understanding Your Personality Traits essay

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Everyone in the universe is considered unique. That is why there are various types of personalities and personality traits. We have individuals that are obnoxious and outspoken and then we have individuals that are not so loud and more reserved. Yes, I am describing myself most of the times. Although we have numerous personalities out there, one personality is not better than another.

Your personality is a compilation of an individual’s characteristics. Our personalities can be very influential, it influences one’s behavior and how they connect and interact with others. One may question who they are or go through a point in their life where they are trying to find out who they are, and they may feel as though they do not have an identity.

The same way you are not supposed to put the wrong type of fuel in your vehicle, having the wrong personality type or not knowing your personality type can potentially cause you to not achieve greater success or healthier relationships. After completing the personality test, I discovered that my personality type was INTJ which is the acronym for Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Judging.

INTJ describes and individual who values recharging their energy by spending time alone. An individual who does not investigate the facts so much but more zoomed in on ideas and concepts. An individual who bases their decisions on logical reasoning and one who chooses to be more organized and not impulsive and supple. The INTJ personality type are individuals who are innovators. As an INTJ personality type, we are great at pointing out avenues for improvement not matter what aspect we are working with. We take on life evaluating the concepts of the world around us. Speaking from experience, INTJ’s are extremely selective when it comes to relationships with others. They prefer to socialize with people who are intellectually on the same level as them.

Values are what governs the way an individual act and carries themselves. There are core values that the INTJ personality type hold dear to their hearts. This personality type wants to interpret how things work and unfold. They value the enjoyment of exerting a conscientious effort in achieving the goals they set before them. Their strong desire for knowledge and enthusiasm in improving their skills make them come across as perfectionists. INTJ’s value self-improvement and are always searching to expand their horizons.

It is very imperative that one utilizes personality assessment tests in the workforce. These personality assessments are accurate to an extent but are very useful. In the workforce, employers can fully comprehend the personality traits of their employees. These personality assessments can point out strengths and weaknesses in employees. With the findings of the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, the employer can then help nurture the employee into their right fit in the workforce based on their strengths and weaknesses.

These personality assessments are beneficial as a team building tool. For example, if there is a team member who is great with collaboration they may be the perfect fit as a project manager. On the other hand, there may be another team member who has a keen eye for detail and may be the perfect fit to find research on the project. These types help to expose which team members work best together and who does not.

If an employer lets and employee work in their capacity and to the best of their ability that can bring improvements to the team in terms of the quality and quantity of their project or work. Once you have seen improvement amongst your team using these personality assessments, results outweigh the cost of these assessment tests. As a company, employers are looking for increased productivity in the workplace. With teams and projects these assessments can help your team to complete work more quickly and all team members have reached optimum satisfaction and you are more readily available to meet your project goals.

The personality type that I was given can both help and hinder team development. With being an INTJ personality type, as an introvert one will eventually need alone time to recharge. If there is a crucial point and time in a project when all team members hands are needed on deck, but the introvert team member just must recharge and can not participate, that can hinder a team’s development in terms of a project. The INTJ personality type is very organized, that can be beneficial to a team’s development because the team would want their projects or other work to be done in an organized fashion. They think logically and would help their team to focus more on the ideas and concepts at hand. They can be a great asset to a team in terms of they are great team builders, always looking for ways of improvement. They would ensure that their teams produce the best products.

Another two assessment tests I took were the DISC assessment and the Big 5. They were different from the Meyer-Briggs assessment because they describe different traits. Although for the Meyer-Briggs assessment I was the INTJ personality type, for the DISC assessment my top scores were for the Supportive “S” type and Cautious “C” type. For the Big 5 assessment, my high scores were in Agreeableness and Conscientiousness. Compared to the Meyer-Briggs assessment the DISC and Big 5 assessments focuses more on human behavior and interactions with others. They give an understanding of how one would respond in different situations.

Understanding your personality type is very beneficial. The more we can comprehend our personalities, the better we are able to fully contribute in our respective teams. People tend to stray away from taking personality assessments, but little do they know, that 15-minute test can take them a long way. It can empower them and help them better understand how they interact and connect with their peers. We are all working towards improved productivity among our teams, why not combat that step in getting there by engaging in personality assessments to better understand how you operate.


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Understanding Your Personality Traits essay

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