Training management

Updated May 14, 2022

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Training management essay

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One of the important concepts a leader must be aware of and know how to do is training management. Every MOS should be conducting at least short training lessons in their downtime, whether it be sustainment for their specific MOS or just brushing up on the basic warrior skills. Due to this continuation of skills training and refreshers, it is essential for the leader to know how to conduct these trainings thoroughly and to standard.

Training management is a skill that not only leaders should master; being able to prepare and give a class on a warrior task should be a part of every Soldiers military career. Whenever there is any downtime at a unit, there should be training being done whether it is refresher or something new. As a 68W with required MOS refresher courses, it is imperative that my squad and I are proficient in training management in order get recertification in our MOS when necessary.

Implementing information from the training management course would not change much from what is already done at my unit. I would bring back what I learned from the training management course and apply it to our regular medic skills training by taking the process step by step. Normally, the training that we do is semi-planned beforehand, but I have never seen a Sergeants Time Training worksheet nor a risk assessment to go along with it. I would implement what the training management course taught me by having the team member that is teaching the class search through STP 21-1 SMCT or through our medic skills to find the conditions and standards for testing. They would fill out a Sergeants Time Training worksheet, either by hand or electronically, to turn in to our platoon sergeant to request the necessary supplies and outline the risks. The addition of the risk assessment at the beginning of our training lessons would allow everything following to remain the same as how we regularly train.

Possible obstacles that would get in the way of implementing the training management course material and conducting the skills training would be laziness and pushback from my squad. More than a few of them dislike paperwork and would avoid it at almost any cost. They would not want to formalize our training process and would rather keep it as the random activity that it is. I would overcome this obstacle by educating them on the importance of this paperwork; without these necessary outlines, the required materials may not be available to us and could halt our training. Considering how little time we have to conduct MOS training during drill weekends, avoidance of a halt in training is essential. Once they understand that not completing this paperwork could be detrimental to our MOS skill set, I’m certain that they would have no qualms with it.

Training management is a necessary part of Soldier life; skill proficiency fades when we don’t continue to complete refresher courses on past training. Using the full training management process allows for coverage of any risks with the training, the supplies needed, and gives a good outline and specific standards to adhere to. This makes the training management process essential to maintaining proficiency in our warrior and MOS skills.

Training management essay

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