This I Believe: Family Is the Most Important People

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Unfortunately, the biggest struggle for anyone seems to come from their need to fit in.

Throughout highschool experience, I realized that even the best friends come and go, and at some points I may be very confused. However, I have found that whenever you feel like you don’t belong, there will always be a special group of people who have your back, your family. In life there are people that are arrogant vain or lower someone’s self esteem. It can ruin someone’s confidence and make them insecure. However I believe that family is the most important people in someone’s life. They see the good and the bad. They can cheer someone’s day and turn the frown upside down.

My family is my rock. I have learned everything from them. My family has taught me how to act toward other people, how to be kind and loyal how to handle other interactions, and most importantly how to love. I look up to everybody in my family, and each individual has had an effect on me in some way; whether it is my grandfather who taught me the way to keep strong despite what, through his battle with pneumonia, or my grandmother who has shown me that you will always notice the bright side in a situation.

The majority of my life I have lived very close to a great amount of my family, and with all the time I have spent with every family member I have found many role models. Everybody in my family has something different to offer, particularly my parents. I will keep remember in 2018. I observed my parents preparing for their music lessons. At first I was so in awe about how well they played the piano. It led me to play the piano. They told me if you believe in yourself you can make it happen. I treasured those words and it led me to be one of the top students in the lesson program. I even have started realizing what the family around can l be able to influence me. People should observe and learn how to take accountability or to be inquisitive. To be someone who plans ahead or is someone who observes time.

In conclusion, my relationship with my family has created character and being generous. They have to teach me to be a good citizen in society. How to be well mannered towards people. How to have discernment to know if a situation is bad. How to look for the good in people. Ask if someone is okay or has a problem. How to be a negotiator and understand others’ opinions. How to be a mediator to calm someone down. Giving back to the community. All of those things have had an effect on me.

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