The Values and Morals Behind Respecting Someone’s Privacy in the Modern Society

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In American society, we care about our privacy more than anything in our daily life. Every human being like to have his/her own world and do not share this world of secrets with any person except the people they trust Also, we get afraid if someone missed with our privacy. For example, if someone looked into your photos or if asked you about a personal relationship with a specific person. No one likes to talk about their own privacy in front of Family or Friends. We can call privacy as our secret world which is no one permitted to see it or to know anything about it without our permission. The breaching experiment for this assignment is to break someone’s privacy in many ways Sociologists analyze social structure at the micro level by focusing on the patterns and regularities that emerge from such routine daily activities.

Some sociologists contend that we construct social structure on a regular basis, working with others collectively to make sense of the chaotic social world that confronts us every day. The breaching experiment is the social situation in which the individuals involved internationally break social rules, violating basic norms and patterns of behavior. By breaking rules to which we generally don’t pay much attention until they are violated, breaching experiments provide creative and often humorous illustrations of micro-level social structure. For example, Garfinkel one had his students act like visitors rather than family members when they returned to their parents‘ homes during a school vacation I’m going to make something similar to what Garfinkel had done with his students.

In fact, I did three of them that will illustrate how to break social norms by breaking privacy in three different situations My first breaching experiment was on one of my friends. We were sitting in a restaurant and I asked my friend to take a picture of us with his smartphone. After he got the photo I asked him to show me how I look so he gave me his phone and I started to swipe left and right to see more photos on his phone Naturally, he took the phone from my hands then he told me that I don’t have the right to see his photos because this is his personal life and I shouldn’t break his rules. Anyone will act the same way if someone tried to mess up with their privacy.

The second breaching experiment was with my brother while we were having breakfast in the morning. Regularly, I set next to him but this time i noticed that he was texting his girlfriend so I started to get closer to him and see what are they talking about. When he figured that l was watching him, he asked me what do you think you are doing, Then he stands up and left in anger. Actually, if I were him, I would do the same reaction because I’ll consider breaking my privacy while talking with someone else. The third and last breaching experiment while I was at the beach on the weekend. 1 saw a the couple was kissing each other on the sand, so I got closer to their location and I decided to set down to watch them to see their reaction when they notice that I was watching them the whole time. As soon as they noticed that I was watching them, the guy got angry and asked me to leave if I didn‘t stop to look at them. So I asked them why did he get upset when I looked at him, and the answer was that I broke into their personal space and I got them uncomfortable.

To be honest, this experiment was one of the most embarrassing experiments that I did for this assignment. As these examples show, by violating everyday social norms, breaching experiments expose the unstated social rules that structure countless aspects of social life but that are often visible only when they are broken, In breach of experiments, we have to take a look at what is around us and realize that we live in a society which takes a lot for granted, can tell us a lot about who we are and how we behave in social situations that break the rules. I think the fact that people are not willing to go outside their comfort zones to break a social norm, even in harmless cases, should be changed, so that we can all be more than a fully working cohesive group in the community.


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