Understanding of Internet Privacy and Its Protection

Updated October 4, 2021

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Understanding of Internet Privacy and Its Protection essay

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Hello everyone, today I want to talk about Internet privacy. With the coming of information era, Due to the increase of various services and functions of the Internet, the realistic needs of people are met and the dependence of people to the Internet is becoming stronger and stronger, which makes it an indispensable part both in work and in life. In the meanwhile, our Internet privacy security is under threat, it has become a global issue. There is no doubt that everyone has privacy. We all have the right to protect our privacy.

So, what is privacy? Privacy is defined as the right of an individual to decide to what extent his thoughts, opinions and feelings are known to others under normal circumstances. Each individual has the right to decide that all his own affairs are not exposed to the public and are not interfered by others. The right to privacy is also defined as the right not to be interfered by others, and the right to claim that one’s private life is not infringed or one’s private life is not allowed to be illegally disclosed .In recent years,with the rapid development of Internet, our privacy is not only exist in real life but also exist in Internet. When we use internet to chat or show our own life, we have the internet privacy. Internet privacy is very important but now some people often ignore it and put themselves in danger. So I’m going to talk about the importance of Internet privacy security to make more people pay attention to their privacy.

No matter who you are, no matter how noble your status is, lose your privacy will be extremely dangerous. Take people around me for example. I have a friend who has very strange hobby that he likes to take nude pictures of himself to see how sexy his body is. One day he downloaded pirated software to save money. Unfortunately that the pirated software actually is a Trojan horses. Everything in his cell phone was stolen, including his photos. The hacker threatened him to pass the picture on to everyone he knew if he didn’t give money to the hacker. My friend was so scared to be stupid that he didn’t call the police. It didn’t settle until he transferred two thousand yuan to the hacker.

My friend is just an ordinary person, and privacy leaks have seriously affected his life. How serious will the star’s privacy leak be? What happened in 2008 gave us the answer. That privacy disclosure event shocked people all over china. That incident was the Edison Chen’s sex photo scandal. Edison Chen was a superstar in china at that time. He is a Hong Kong movie star. On January 26,2008 his privacy was leaked in the hottest forum at that time. He was exposed in many sex photos with other female stars. That angered all the fans of him and the actress and some aggressive fans just wanted to kill him. Results of the event was that he left Hong Kong under the protection of the Hong Kong Police and he announced that he would never return from the entertainment world. It was a devastating blow to him personally and to his fans.

Through these Internet privacy disclosure event we can see how important that privacy is. So our country has amended many laws to protect our privacy. For example. Article of the measures for the administration of the security protection of the international network of computer information issued and implemented by the Ministry of public security on December 30, 1997 stipulates that ‘the freedom and privacy of users’ communication shall be protected by law. No unit or individual may, in violation of the provisions of law, use the Internet to infringe upon the freedom and secret of communication of users. ‘ The twelfth article of the measures for the administration of Internet electronic announcement service adopted at the fourth ministerial meeting of the Ministry of information industry on October 8, 2000 stipulates: ‘the electronic announcement service provider shall keep the personal information of the Internet users confidential and shall not disclose it to others without the consent of the Internet users, unless otherwise provided by law.

And the Constitution and criminal law of our country also stipulate that the right of privacy of citizens shall not be infringed. If you violate the privacy of others such as taking pictures of a person without his knowing or stealing photos from other people’s mobile phones, you will be severely punished. Although the government introduced a series laws to protect people’s privacy, there are still many hackers who want to gain wealth by violating privacy. So some large companies also think about many ways to prevent information leakage. For example, Ali baba of Ma Yun once said that if someone can hack into their system, they will hire that person as their network security consultant with an annual salary of 5 million yuan. Five million a year’s salary attracts many hackers to attack Ali baba ‘s system, which makes Ali baba ‘s system continuously perfect. Until now, Ali baba ‘s system has not been successfully hacked.

Big companies can hire professionals with high salaries to protect their systems. What should we ordinary people do? There is an old saying in China that “know yourself, know your enemy, will win every battle. ”If we want to prevent hackers from invading our mobile phones or computers, we need to know how hackers attack our electronic devices first. Why Hackers want to attack your computer or your phone? They don’t just want to peek at your privacy, they want to make money from it. How hackers attack our electronic devices? Hackers usually attack your computer in three steps. The first step is to make a Trojan horse. Hackers always pack Trojans so that you can’t find them, and according to different functions, hackers should first use programming technology to write different computer viruses to complete different functions.

The second step is compromise the remote computer. In this step, the hacker will find a way to transmit the computer virus designed by him to your computer. He can use people’s psychology of taking advantage to disguise the virus as pirated software for people to download. Or he will pretend to be your friend and send you an email with a virus. If you click download, the virus will invade your computer. Remotely sabotage and control your computer. And in the last step, hacker will find the exploit of your computer through his virus. Then he will control your computer and your privacy will be leaked. That is Terrible!

Now we all know how hackers attack our electronic devices. How can we protect our network privacy from hackers? There is an old saying in China that “never put all egg in one basket” The first way is to put important file backups on different computers. In this way, when the hacker attacks your computer and threatens you to delete all the files in your computer if you don’t obey his command, you can say “oh fool, just delete it. I have a backup. We also have method If you are worried about hackers hacking into your computer through the IP address of the network. First, install a Firewall program or use windows firewall but we recommend Como-do firewall, it’s really incredible and ability to filter ports .It has pre-configured settings , so user just install it and start using. Don’t worry about price, it’s free. And in order to prevent Trojans from entering our computers, we should not download any files in strange websites. When downloading applications, it is better to download them in the app store. And we should not take advantage of it. We should support genuine software and reject pirated software. You should be careful when browsing the emails sent by strangers, especially the emails with files. Never download the files inside, which is likely to be a packaged Trojan virus. This is all we can do to prevent hackers from invading our electronic products.

But there is no perfect thing in the world, so are the precautions. Even if our precautions are perfect, there will always be some highly skilled hackers who can successfully invade our computers and steal our information through loopholes. There are so many examples of privacy leaks in the world . Even the most powerful security system can’t escape the attack of top hackers. Even Facebook has been hacked. In September last year, Facebook broke out that it was attacked by hackers due to a security system vulnerability, resulting in 30 million users’ information disclosure. Among them, 14 million users’ sensitive information was obtained by hackers. These sensitive information include: name, contact information, search record, landing location, etc. On December 14, it was revealed again that Facebook may leak the private photos of 68 million users due to a software vulnerability. Specifically, during the period from September 13 to September 25, the vulnerability in its photo API enabled about 1500 apps to gain access to users’ private photos.

Generally speaking, the app authorized by the user can only access the shared photos, but this vulnerability causes the photos that the user does not disclose can also be read. As a result of the incident, Facebook CEO apologized for the data leakage and attended the hearing many times. Affected by a series of events, Facebook’s share price has dropped 29.70% from the beginning of the year (December 25). In December, the Irish Data Protection Commission, the European privacy regulator, began investigating the leak, and Facebook may be fined more than $1.6 billion. So if we still get hacked in when we try our best to protect our internet privacy, what should we do next? First of all, stay clam, we need to call the police. But please be careful not to threaten the hacker with the alarm, otherwise he may get angry and do something bad for you. Call the police is by far the most useful means. In order to catch illegal hackers, the Chinese police set up a network police organization. They also have excellent network technology, which can trace the hacker’s network IP address, so as to find his real address for arrest.

Having said so much, my purpose is to help everyone understand what is network privacy and help everyone know how internet privacy important. I also want to teach everyone how to protect their privacy. I hope that everyone can protect their privacy well and never be attacked by hackers.

Understanding of Internet Privacy and Its Protection essay

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