The Value of Human Life

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Life is a complex matter, and perhaps that is the reason why I find it valuable. Once in a while people experience challenges, which makes them wonder whether life is worth living or not. I believe that these struggles, are what makes life more exciting. Everyone has a different perspective of the value of life. Some people believe that even though life can get hard, God has a plan for them, and that everything will eventually be okay. Others think they are worthier because they are wealthy, and society is to blame because they make you think that money is the key to everything. I believe the value of a human life cannot be measured because people are economically, socially, and emotionally different. But at the same time they are equal under the law, and they have the same rights.

In Hamlet’s Soliloquy, Hamlet expresses his thoughts by asking why people put up with all the bad things in life when they can easily commit suicide. I think this is a very obscure way of thinking, but at the same time I can think of many people that would relate to him. This is a common concept of the value of life, meaning that if you are not happy with what you have in your life, you might as well just end it. I do believe that everything has a positive side, and maybe those people could find one if they do not give up.

In What Is The Value Of A Human Life, Feinberg says that he used to base his decisions on the law, meaning that he thought no two lives were worth the same in financial terms, but by the end of the article he realizes that his legal training should not be more important than what he thinks is fair, which is that all victims should receive the same amount of money. I believe everyone is equal under the law, but I do not think it is fair if a wealthy person gets the same amount as a poor person. I believe in the equality vs equity concept.

In Roger Ebert: The Essential Man, we see this optimistic person that spent so much time going to hospitals, and he also lost some of his abilities, such as talking. We would think someone like that would be very sad, but everytime he tries to adapt himself to his condition. I think that people who suffers a lot in life are the ones that values life the most. They just have been through so many bad things that they are just trying to appreciate the good things they have.

Life is a combination of sad and happy moments, but these moments are what makes our lives unique and special. The value of life is like a math equation that has infinite numbers of solutions.

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