The Theme of Crime in the Death of JonBenet Ramsey in Casting JonBenet, a Film by Kitty Green

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The film, “Casting JonBenet” features the account of the death of JonBenet Ramsey Under the directorship of Kitty Green, the documentary presents a series of casting sessions where actors are interviewed about their roles in another upcoming film touching on the theme of crime. The actors are asked about their personal lives and their imaginations of what happened during JonBenet’s murder. This film review focuses on the movie’s themes, the acting, characters, direction, score, and cinematography as discussed below, Casting JonBenet opens by portraying the theme of murder, Hanah, who is auditioning for the film’s casting asks; “do you know who killed JonBenet Ramsey?”

This question reveals that the film contains the theme of murder and crime, Also, the film highlights gender roles in movie casting, This theme comes out when one character claims that they are looking for an actor that does not portray feminine tendencies in the way she acts and dresses Although the actions of the characters do not create the scenes in the film, their words indicate that they are auditioning for the casting of the film As such, the film does not reveal its scenes but highlights the roles that actors will play during the casting.

The direction of this film is set in its beginning when actors identify the roles for which they are auditioning. By identifying the roles, the director succeeds in helping the audience to know that the film will highlight the expectations of the actors In this film, Score is revealed through the musical sound that accompanies the picture of the sunrise. The background in this scene portrays the Litle of the film. In this case, the music and the picture portray a new dawn that represents the casting of the film with new actors and directors.

The cinematography is seen in the film through the unique shots where sounds accompany the actors speaking. Also, the multi-coloring of the background highlights the unique cinematography in the film and can communicate its mood. In essence, the film is attractive and employs crucial elements in modern-day filmmaking. The score of the film plays a crucial role in setting the mood. For example, during a scene with a picture of the sunrise, a musical sound accompanies the image, symbolizing a new dawn and the casting of the film with fresh actors and a new director (EjDemore min. 1:42). The score enhances the emotional impact of the film and adds depth to the storytelling.

In terms of cinematography, “Casting JonBenet” employs unique shots and sounds that accompany the actors’ dialogues. This technique adds another layer of storytelling and engages the audience visually and aurally. The multi-coloring of the background also contributes to the film’s cinematography and can communicate the mood of different scenes. Overall, “Casting JonBenet” is an attractive film that utilizes essential elements of modern-day filmmaking. Its exploration of murder, crime, gender roles, and the casting process offers a thought-provoking and unconventional perspective on a well-known case. The direction, score, and cinematography enhance the film’s impact and create a memorable viewing experience.


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