The Second Amendment and Its Connection to the Gun Control Debate

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Americans are severely outnumbered and they are outnumbered by guns. Is that good or bad? The vast majority of guns in the United States are not classified as assault rifles. They are hunting rifles, shotguns, handguns and C&A (curio and antique). Yet assault rifles are the focus of most gun control activists. Why? This expository essay is describing gun control and explaining the debate and different sides of the issue. The gun control focused on is specifically focused towards assault rifles. Within this essay is written topics on the second amendment and how it ties to the gun control debate, what gun control is and why it’s a topic of debate, and the two sides of the gun control debate.

The constitution of the United States of America was written in seventeen eighty nine for the newlformed nation. Two years later in seventeen ninety one the second amendment the the United States constitution was put in place. It stated “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” So basically you can legally own guns. Back in the day firearms were single shot, muzzle loading, black powder guns. Compared to modern firearms they are considered primitive. Modern day firearms specifically assault rifles have rifled barrels, a self loading action and extended magazines for example. This means that the rate of fire, ammunition capacity, range and accuracy is exponentially higher than the firearms that were around during the enactment of the second amendment. The second amendment is frequently used in both sides of the gun control argument. The amendment upheld to this day.

As previously mentioned back when the second amendment was put in place specifically the right to bear arms fire arms were primitive. Nowadays guns available to civilians, specifically assault rifles, are semi automatic with multiple features that improve them. Guns that are fully automatic are a reality, however they are not readily available to the general public and can only be obtained through very long and tedious processes, which is uncommon for people to do. Assault rifles that are available to civilians are semi automatic, meaning the gun fires with each full pull of the trigger. Examples of things that qualify these semi auto assault weapons are pistol grips, extended magazines, and collapsible stocks. If you do not have a permit to purchase assault weapons you cannot legally buy firearms with any of those specifications. Gun control has been around for a long time but more so in recent years with the recent developments in firearm technology.

Gun control activists believe that modern assault rifles are not what the founding fathers had in mind when the second amendment was written. The amendment no longer being relevant should be revoked. Assault rifles are capable of being devastatingly destructive in the hands of almost any individual. Thus they believe assault rifles should be banned entirely. Banning assault rifles outright is a nearly impossible task for many Americans own assault rifles and believe that it is within their rights as an American to own them. At the moment there are too many people opposed to gun control for the banning of guns, starting with assault rifles, to come to fruition. As many Americans and politicians are not like minded to the banning of guns there is always talk of it and restrictions are placed constantly. Gun control activists wish to at least make assault rifles less readily available because of their destructive power.

Assault rifles are indeed lethal weapons but anti gun control activists believe that assault rifles and our right to purchase and own them are protected under the second amendment. A question commonly asked buy anti gun control activists is “is it the guns or the people that are bad?” The answer should be obvious to most unfortunately others struggle to grasp simple facts. Many statistics and studies back these facts. Although macabre assault rifles are the least used weapons in murders in the United States. Knifes have been used in more murders in recent years. The weapon that is used in the most annual murders are handguns.

So why are assault rifles the main focus of gun control activists and not handguns? The answer is assault rifles are much easier to demonize and target. Assault rifles look “scary”, have a potential destructive power, and are used in may mass shootings. It is up to people how to use guns and if they choose to use them unwisely it is on them. Even if guns were banned outright someone could still easily get a gun if they were determined to. Making guns illegal will only restrict law abiding citizens not criminals. The people who would use their guns lawfully not people who would use them to harm others unlawfully.

Assault rifles are dangerous in the wrong hands but so are all firearms and other weapons. Americans may be outnumbered buy guns but only a minuscule percentage of said guns. Yet these assault rifles are the main focus of gun control activists. Those activists seek to remove assault rifles from civilian hands but there are many others who seek to continue to exercise their rights to purchase and possess assault rifles. Both sides have valid points and both think that they are right. As for my own stance I am anti gun control. I, as an American like my guns and feel it is my right to buy and have such firearms.

I do think that there is room for compromise though, despite my resentment for gun control activists, the restrictions they bring, and the ideals they stand for. An example of such a compromise could be raising the age to twenty one like the handgun purchasing age. Although I would not agree with it, it may relieve the hatred and further restrictions cast on assault rifles. These particular guns are under the microscope and are in possibly danger of being removed from people possession and the gun market. It is our job as Americans to protect our rights and protect these guns from those who seek to revoke our rights.

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