The Role and Responsibility of the Position of the President of the United States

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Occupying the position of the President of the United States is an onerous calling. One that demands penetration and sensitivity to human needs. In my view, the major obstacle that impedes the needs of the American people from being met is the Machivellian thought that citizens are simply pawns in the political game to gain the upper hand. Humanity is the virtue which stimulates public service and is integral in building the trust of the public.

Moreover, humanity is the characteristic …./ characterizes. The President cannot represent the American people before the world if he is impervious to their needs, and cannot relate to their daily challenges. Setting an agenda for the country is only feasible if that agenda demonstrates consideration for the mass population and attempts to satisfy human needs.

It is obligatory that the President’s national agendas minister to man’s needs as represented in Maslow’s Pyramid. The Pyramid hierarchizes the needs of man: his physiological, safety, social, emotional, educational and spiritual needs. Even if he is not acquainted with Maslow’s pyramid, he should know that a national agenda must be tailored to fit the body, mind and spirit – these are the very components which constitute the essence of man. The President, in his privileged circumstances, is easily prone to neglect the basic needs of the poor and be desensitized to the fate of the less fortunate.

We can take the classroom as an example since I am a college student, and occupy that space for a significant fraction of my time. Professors wield power within the classroom and over the students. Students as denizens of the class must forward their concerns to the professor who in turn, forges/structures the best-suited class agenda and administers it to the class. For most of my school experience, which spans approximately twenty years, I would gravitate toward teachers and professors who allow their human side to show before the class. Although, the teacher has ultimate control, students are in need of someone who can understand them, therefore the teacher must be down-to-earth.

Awareness and sensitivity to human vulnerabilities work to the teacher’s advantage in the class, for he can cooperate with students to hammer a successful class method to produce intelligent students who know that the teacher genuinely cares for them. Power is never undermined whenever a teacher shows his humanity, on the contrary, it actually expands and reinforces it.

From early childhood, young ones are drawn to authority figures who can condescend to the child’s level, engage in childhood activities, and display genuine compassion. My favourite teacher taught me at elementary school and struck me by her sympathy for me as a student coming from a low-income family. She was considerate, patient and kind, and would recount stories of her own childhood experience. Because she won my trust and respect, I was able to shine in her class. My case is not an exceptional one for under the tutelage of numerous teachers, I feel most confident and cared for when I see the teacher’s humanity. In the same vein, the President of the United States or any country for that matter should remember his countrymen who daily struggle and build a rapport with them, through this method he boosts the effectiveness and efficiency of his programs.

In this automated world, where mechanization and technology oftentimes eclipse humanness, it is refreshing to catch a glimpse of humanity. Although the President must deal with complex systems, corporations and states, he must bear in mind that he touches the lives of millions of individuals, directly and indirectly through the decisions that he makes and the plans that he formulates for the country and by extension, the world. Alienation at home and in the workplace takes a toll on the average person; and although it will continue as long as information technology accelerates at a vertiginous pace/speed and we have less need for human agents, human nature will always demand humanity. Dehumanizing agendas and impersonal projects only make citizens feel that their welfare is secondary to what is most expedient.

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