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The Nursing Health Assessment

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The Nursing Health Assessment essay
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According to Florence Nightingale she said that nursing is an art of recovering a patient through the use of environment, hence, the healthier and the cleaner the environment the faster the improvement. The main purpose of nursing is to maintain and restore the health of an individual. It helps the client to strengthen their body, mind and soul and they feed in knowledge for their betterment. “Health assessment refers to a systematic method of collecting and analyzing data for the purpose of planning patient-centered care. The nurse gathers the data from the client and compares this information to the ideal state of health, taking into account the patients age, gender, culture, ethnicity, and physical, psychological and socioeconomic status (Wilson & Giddens, 2013, p. 1).

”The role of nursing health assessment interview is it helps to gather information like subjective data and objective data. Subjective data is a piece of the health assessment that includes gathering data through correspondence. Patient expresses the reason for visiting the specialist. At this point whatever they state is delegated as the subjective data, for example, pain, itching, vomiting and discomfort. Objective data is another sort of data that is gathered from clients. It is characterized as the information acquired through observing, hearing, smelling and contacting. This incorporates patient practices, activities and data assembled from test estimations or the physical examination. Some of the example of objective data includes temperature is not normal; blood pressure is not normal and change in the skin color and so on. It also helps to build a rapport between the nurse, client and relative. However, nursing health interview plays an important role as it helps the client to stay comfortable before any medical examinations begins as gives the client a satisfaction that sooner they will be treated and will be fine.

“The nursing health assessment and medical oriented interview is both different as nursing health assessment is where nurses diagnose and treat the patient’s response to a health problem, whereas, medical oriented interview is where physicians diagnose and treat illness (Bennett RL, 1995).” Thus, this essay will highlight on the roles of nurses, will describe the full biographic data of the client, describe the chief complaint with the history of present illness, document the past medical history of the client, complete a family health history of the client with a genogram, document the review of systems and document on the relevant functional health assessment.

To begin with, as the saying goes first impression is the last impression. So as the nurses meet the client they should create a therapeutic relationship because nurses play an essential role in the health assessment.

The Nursing Health Assessment essay

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The Nursing Health Assessment. (2020, Sep 18). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/the-nursing-health-assessment/


What are the 4 general components of a nursing assessment?
A structured physical examination allows the nurse to obtain a complete assessment of the patient. Observation/inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation are techniques used to gather information.
What is nursing assessment in nursing process?
Nursing assessment involves collecting data from the patient and analysing the information to identify the patient's needs , which are sometimes described as problems. The process of planning care employs different strategies to resolve the needs identified as part of an assessment.
What is the nursing health assessment?
A comprehensive health assessment gives nurses insight into a patient's physical status through observation, the measurement of vital signs and self-reported symptoms . It includes a medical history, a general survey and a complete physical examination.
What is the purpose of the health assessment?
The purpose of health assessment is to get a general understanding of the state of your health across your mental, physical, psychological and sexual wellbeing . Health assessments enable you to take a proactive stance towards your health and screen for certain diseases. 29 Sept 2019
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