‘The Mask You Live In’ and ‘Miss Representation’ Film Analysis

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The Mask You Live In is a film that try to analyze the meaning of virility we have socially build and confined boys to, and in doing so, the plurality of the film pursues the illustrative mode to elaborate on this meaning and its contributing factors . There was a sturdy emphasis during the movies between fathers and sons, and the type of parenting attitude that might exacerbate negative societal anticipation for men and boys.

The documentary does a great job of making the audience convince that the logic behind its analysis of the social factors the contribute to our meaning of masculinity has some truthfulness. The film effectively highlights the unexamined implications of the language associated with maleness (“man up” or “be a man”). Many points are reinforced with television and film clips (including one from “Whiplash” — it’s here already).

With bell-curve graphs illustrated onscreen, psychologist Michael G. Thompson says that if you gave the same psychological tests to girls and boys, the responses would overlap by 90% — indicating that the sexes have much more in common than not. The movie looks at stereotypes surrounding athletic and financial success; psychologist Madeline Levine says she’s seen 8-year-old boys who say they want to become venture capitalists. Some of the more compelling, activity-driven footage deals with the teaching work of Ashanti Branch, an educator who founded an Oakland, Calif.-based youth-advocacy group.

The film Miss Representation is a stellar documentary that focus on the example that have helped to maintain a system of patriarchy all over the world. A pre-title sequence sets out the central thesis of “Miss Representation”– that the sexual objectification of women onscreen leads to a trivialization and disempowerment of women in the cultural and political process. “Miss Representation” spent a great deal of time focusing on the issue of young girls finding their self-worth in physical appearance, based on what the media defines as beauty. In my point of view, The key slogan for Miss Representation is “you can’t be what you can’t see,” meant to drive home the fact that girls cannot become successful, self-assured, empowered and civically engaged if they do not see women who embody these traits on television, in the movies, and in the pages of magazines.

It is a powerful message. But again, Newsom seems to commit the very sin of which she hopes to rid the world. Who don’t we see in Miss Representation? Women with disabilities, for starters, whose large-scale exclusion by the mainstream media contributes greatly to the discrimination they experience every day, as their abilities and intelligence are routinely under-estimated or outright dismissed.


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How does the mask you live in define masculinity?
As portrayed in the documentary The Mask You Live In, the societal pressure to conform to traditional masculine norms can lead to a toxic and damaging definition of masculinity, perpetuating a cycle of emotional suppression and aggression. The mask that men are expected to wear as a symbol of strength and dominance ultimately limits their ability to express themselves and form healthy relationships.
What one question can start a fight among boys on a playground the mask you live in?
1. What one question can start a fight among boys on a playground the mask you live in? 2. How do you think boys learn to suppress their emotions and "be a man"?
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