The Legend of the Christmas Gift

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You wake up bright and early in the morning to the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies and vanilla candles. It’s about eight in the morning and the sun is flashing through your window. It’s about now when you realize what day it is. You excitingly sprint out into the living room. You rummage underneath the evergreen and see ten, maybe fifteen gifts. You most likely do this every Christmas, yet have no idea how it happened or came to be. So, I’m here to tell you and enlighten you on the subject.

It all started with one young, rich man. His name was Kris Kringle. Mr. Kringle was walking down the dark street when, through the dim light provided by the street light, he saw eight young little girls. However, they were sitting on the side of the road homeless. Kris lived in a small town in Turkey. The town only had about a thousand people which made it unusual for anyone, whether young or old, to be homeless. Mr. Kringle felt horrendous. It was Christmas Eve and these poor kids were spending it on the streets alone. He came up with an idea. Kris drove around the town and went to every bright, colorful, and entertaining toy store he knew of. He bought a bunch of toys and bolted back to the girls. He wanted to make sure he could get there in time to finish the idea he had. He drifted his car up next to the girls. He opened the trunk and, with a gigantic smile on his face, showed the girls eighty toys. Each girl got ten toys. The girls were thrilled and amazed. It was twelve in the morning on Christmas when the girls started playing with the toys. Mr. Kringle enjoyed seeing the girls happy so much that he decided to adopt them and raise them as his own.

Giving presents on Christmas is an important tradition that every family does. It helps keep kids excited and happy. It also helps them remember that the day we open the presents is the day we celebrate Jesus. We use it today when we give the gifts to little kids. However, adults also use Christmas gifts. They can get or give them through events like gift-exchanges and Advent friends.

Whether it is from a family member or a close friend, a gift helps keep both the person receiving and the person giving it happy and joyful. When it happens they become excited to see what they got and the person giving it wants to see how they respond. Also, this relates to Jesus. When Jesus was born, there were three kings. These “three wise men” visited Jesus. When they finally saw Jesus they were excited and happy that they brought him gifts.

Now, the next time you open a beautiful Christmas gift, you know where it came from. Now you know the joy you are giving to someone else. You know that gift is giving happiness to someone.


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