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Understanding of Maritime Traditions

Maritime traditions are the main part of the seafarers ‘ culture. The word ‘tradition’ is usually translated from Latin (‘traditio’) as ‘transmission’or ‘heritage’. Knowing this interpretation, we can suppose that the traditions helped in many ways to systematize life on the ship and support discipline. As an example, it is a long- standing tradition, still…


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The Just War Tradition in Different Religions

In Judaism, war is understood to be an aspect of God’s governance of his people. But, Jewish scholars have not been able to create a cohesive tradition to govern themselves in times of war. Instead, the tradition that has emerged from Jewish scholars, philosophers, and authoritative figures as a multi-faceted tradition because until the establishment…



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Tradition of Building Gingerbread Houses

December 6, 2013, the largest Gingerbread house was made. It is 35.8 million calories and takes up 2,520 square feet. Some people wonder why gingerbread houses are a part of Christmas. The tradition of building gingerbread houses started in Germany in the 1800’s and became popular with the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. Gingerbread…



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Tradition in Africa and Women’s Oppression

It is often said that tradition is an important tool for cultural heritage, of claiming upon our identity, spiritual consciousness, ancestral history, and for protecting our dignity. Nevertheless, it is also a tool that demolishes our identity. In Africa, Tradition was created to empower men and lower women’s valued, rights and standards among men. Because…



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Indo-Islamic Tradition in Music

India is a nation with rich history, various languages, diverse cultures, and multiple religions, but how did this all come about in such a big country? In this essay I will analyze how the region of India, specifically North India, had integrated the Indo-Islamic Music system throughout Indian history. In addition, I will also discuss…

Indian Culture,



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Bangladesh Folk Tradition

Introduction Every country has its type of culture, festivals, games. This diversity is important because the place we live there are a variety of race and ethnic groups. By this, we can learn about a different culture and cultural activities. The word ‘Culture’ comes from the French term which means cultivation and nurture. Culture defines…



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The Talmudic Legal Tradition

This week’s homework assignment is to answer the following three questions about the Talmudic Legal system: first, is this legal tradition a religious legal system? Secondly, how has this legal tradition allowed the Jewish people to maintain their identity? And finally, has this legal tradition influenced the legal system of the United States. Our textbook…



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Benefits and Problems with Traditions and Christian Ethics

The term “tradition” can refer either to something handed down from generation to generation or to the mode of transmission itself. No one doubts that there is no consensus among students of morality concerning the nature and significance of traditions in ethics. In reference to Theology “tradition” a doctrine believed to have divine authority though…




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Christmas Traditions in Guatemala

Tamales, fruit punch and meat are all the meals we eat on Christmas night always choose a house where we asears the Christmas every year we have to celebrate at our relatives’ house but this year we play in our house. But in this time of the year I feel very sad because I do…



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Tradition of Playing Video Games

Video games may be one of the biggest subcultures all over the world and it keeps rising sharply day by day. People could play those games at any times, at any places as long as they feel comfortable. Besides, participants could play alone, with their friends, or with someone new that could be found online….



Video Games

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