The Gift of Giving

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To fully understand the true meaning of holiday spirit, one must be willing to give back, give thanks and lend a helping hand to those in need. Thanksgiving is not about turkey. Christmas and Hanukkah are not about gifts. New Years is not about a giant lit-up ball and champagne.

While most may be rushing around to make sure their child gets the right color bicycle, or deciding which pair of name-brand boots to buy for a loved one, many tend to forget those who may not be so fortunate. It’s important to remember that many families go without gifts during the holiday season, and sometimes even without a hot meal or a warm place to sleep.

Every year during the holidays, it is traditional for my family and I to not only eat a large amount of food and enjoy eachothers company, but to volunteer at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. My family and I provide hot meals, make bags filled with toiletries and food, and donate various toys to all those who are in need. My family and I believe the true spirit of holidays is giving. When one gives, one receives. Although my family and I do our best to help as much as we can, we believe the impact of giving is not just limited to the holiday season, it is something that has value all year round.

In John Barrymore’s article “How Volunteering on Christmas Works,” One of the paragraphs discusses how volunteering helps people feel more connected to their communities and useful to society. Not to mention how volunteering during the holidays and in general can provide a person with a little perspective. For example, if a person is depressed around the holidays one might think of how hard those times must be for families that are homeless or barely making ends meet.

Furthermore, the article explains how volunteering can expand a person’s social circle, introduce new hobbies or interest, improve a sense of well-being, higher self esteem, and help lessen anxiety and depression. “It’s the easiest way to show your family and friends that the holidays aren’t just about family meals and presents,” (howstuffworks).

Another article that involves giving during the holidays is Rebecca Strassberg’s article “Real-Life Holiday Miracles That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity,” This article shares various stories on people who decided to give back over the holidays. The first article mentions Lupe Juarez, a never wealthy Oregon mother who received help sixteen years ago, when she was a newly single parent.

A local church provided her with boxes of food and presents for her family. Juarez never forgot. A couple years ago, she got into extreme couponing and decided to make use of her newfound passion. For over two months she shopped for presents using every coupon she had. Five hundred gifts later, she made a special delivery to the Fox 12 Toy Drive in Beaverton, Oregon. She told Oregon Live, “I want to be able to put that smile on other people’s faces, like they put on mine when I received the help.” (thrillist).

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