The Experience of Being the Youngest Child

Updated September 10, 2022

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The Experience of Being the Youngest Child essay

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Being the youngest child of the family definitely has its pros and cons. You may think that being the baby is not hard at all as you can sit back and watch your older siblings do all the work, get coddled by your parents, and simply have your way. Being the youngest child has definitely been and continues to be an interesting experience though it has also been a frustrating one. I can definitely say that pros are quite enjoyable but those frustrations make the pros seem not as pleasurable. To put it simply, the baby of the family goes through a cycle of good experiences and bad experiences.

For example, one of the cons of being the baby of the family is always being considered immature or thought that you don’t know what you are talking about. One particular experience I remember is when my family bought a new washing machine and when I opened it as it was washing the clothes inside it. Being that the washing machine locked when it was working and I pulled up the cover which stopped the washing cycle, my father thought I broke the brand new washing machine and that I shouldn’t have been around it in the first place. My mother having heard the commotion came into the laundry room and explained to my father that it was simply how the washing machine functioned.

Another con of being the youngest child is getting everything dead last. I can remember multiple things that I got after everybody else had already had them. One of the most frustrating times this had happened was my family had moved into the house that we are in now. My parents and sisters had decided that I would get last pick for which room I would get. This had frustrated me as I knew the smallest room would not be fit for me in the future as I would outgrow the bed and need a bigger bed which would not fit in the room. Quite recently this had actually started a debate in the family and lead to me being moved into the recreation room.

Not everything is all bad about being the youngest though. As I’m the youngest, I have learned how to make my family laugh by behaving as I everyday. Dr. Gail Gross says in her article “The Achiever, the Peacemaker and the Life of the Party: How Birth Order Affects Personality” that if you’re the youngest “you’ve learned how to seduced the crowd with charm and likability” (Gross 3). The role of being the comedian in the family has cemented my place in the family as I can make my family members laugh or smile even in the worst of times.

Another pro of being the youngest child in the family is not having as much responsibility as my older sisters do. One of the most recent event I can think of where I found myself not having as much responsibility as my sisters do is when my family took a trip to Canada. I remember my sisters having to book our plane tickets and hotel rooms where my parents and I were simply “along for the ride”. A quote in the article “The Achiever, the Peacemaker and the Life of the Party: How Birth Order Affects Personality” by Dr. Gail Gross says “As the baby of the family, you’ve had less responsibility, and therefore don’t attract responsible experiences” (Gross 3).

Being the youngest, you will repeatedly see times of good and bad. The being considered immature part of being the baby of the family can be very annoying as you may know very well what it is that you are talking about when members of your family seek more evidence. Getting everything after everybody else isn’t very fair; just because you are the youngest doesn’t mean you should get last pick. Having the ability to make my family members laugh even when their emotions are getting the best of them is always fun as I like making people forget about their sorrows for even the slightest amount of time. Not having to look after thing as much as my sisters do is very enjoyable as I have more time to focus on school and also have more leisure time. Overall, I can say that being the youngest child has not only been a delightful experience as I look at all of the hardships my older sisters had to endure.

The Experience of Being the Youngest Child essay

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