The Animal Human Bond

Updated May 11, 2022

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The Animal Human Bond essay

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The animal human bond is a mutual relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors to the health and the wellbeing of both. In this era, it is not uncommon for a person to own numerous types of pets. Pet owners understand the different types of joy and comfort they can bring to oneself, especially during troubling times. Not only animals are an important member of a family, they are also seen as many other things as well. For centuries, animals have been viewed as protectors, co-workers, companions, and a lifelong best friend. Although many would not admit it, humans need animals in their lives to stay mentally and even physically healthy. There are many ways that animals help humans, for example, they help the mentally and physically disabled, provide us labor, and many other services. Although animals help us in many ways, humans take advantage of them and treat them poorly and unkindly.

Background History

Animals have been essential to human survival; humans have always used animals for resources. The start of animal domestication started around ten-thousand to thirteen-thousand years ago, and the first domesticated animals were known to be cattle, goats, pigs, and horses. At first, they used animals for food, but eventually humans realized that they can use them for many other things such as, farming, medicine, and hunting.

As time went on, dogs became one the most common animals to keep as a pet. They are known to be very loving and caring towards humans, which is the reason why they became very popular. There have been many researches that proves dogs and humans living together as far back as thirteen-thousand years ago. To begin, back then packs of wolves would follow humans, looking for any leftover food or scraps. At one point, the wolves approached the humans, who in return took them in as their own companions. The bond was beneficial for both the humans and the wolves because, the humans could provide shelter and protection, while the wolves could help bring down the prey. The wolves were then bred with other wolves, to eventually create the known breed as dogs.

The Animal-Human Bond

Over time, dogs became known as a man’s best friend due to their loyalty. They were always seen as the ideal pet In his book, “Companion Animals and the Community,” Ferguson begins with the statement of people needing animals and that they are an important part of a family’s everyday lives All pets, regardless of species, provide companionship. Many people no matter what age, race, or gender, can benefit the companionship of an animal. While they rarely admit as much, people often take an animal’s companionship for granted and the author makes sure that statement was heard. the problem associated with the keeping of pets are discussed throughout the book.

Animal Therapy

For many years, animals have been used improve one’s health. Pet therapy is a term that includes animal-assisted therapy and other animal-assisted activities. Animal-assisted therapy is a field that uses dogs or other animals to help people recover from or better cope with health problems, such as cancer, lung problems, and mental health disorders. Animal-assisted therapy teams consist of a certified therapy animal and a trained handler. In many cases, these teams visit hospitals, nursing homes, children’s homes, and many other similar facilities to help lift spirits and recovery. It is proven that animals have a major effect on people, due to them providing emotional support to their owner. In her book, “How Pets Help People Cope,” the author discusses how many people are starting to realize the importance and pleasures of having an animal’s companionship. The standard way of thinking about this book is that pets help treat the emotionally disturbed; they motivate the handicapped, the disabled, the physically ill, and they also provide companionship for the elderly. Humeston focuses on how the average person benefits from a pet ownership.

Another form of evidence is in the book, “Pet Love: How Pets Take Care of Us,” White talks about how pets take care of humans. The author uses her own personal experience and the studies show how science has confirmed what pet owners have known for a very long time; pets can help improve the health and well-being of their own owners. Throughout the book, White discusses important points that supports her claim. For example, pet-facilitated therapy is a way that motivates not only the owner to get better, but for the pet to push them as well. This book gives the readers another example on why animals shouldn’t be treated poorly, when all they want is the very best for their own owners.

In many recent studies, there is proof that animals can help people learn how to care for many things. In the book, Pet Theories and Health, the story follows an emotional disturbed child who has formed a special bond with a cat. The cat becomes the only individual that the boy cares and loves the most. The book provides a whole overview of the human-animal bond studies and notes that the introverted induvial of different ages, social status, and backgrounds are often much happier when they are given an animal to take care of. This suggests that in some cases that it is appropriate for a person’s health insurance cover pet keeping and pet therapy, since it is proven that it can improve a person’s health. The upshot to all of this is that, animal therapy gives people another way to improve their mental and physical health.

Animal Neglect and Cruelty

Thirdly, there’s many animals always being there to support their owners, many of them are being neglected by them. Animal neglect is the failure to provide basic care required for an animal. There are approximately 6.5 million animals facing animal cruelty in just the U.S alone. Of those, approximately 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. In many cases, animals who go through animal cruelty will face many terrible effects such as injury, illness, and even death. One of the most common ways of animal neglect is leaving an animal without any food or water for extended amount of time. Another form animal cruelty is overworking an animal. In the Canadian documentary, Sled Dogs, the film shows a profile of what happens at a sled dog operation after the Iditarod ends and the tourists go home. This film helps the many viewers understand that although it may seem that an animal is being treated fairly and kindly, it might not be like that all behind closed doors. In conclusion to this, animals have made used to get many jobs done but people take advantage of them and force them to work for an extended amount of time.

A most common form of animal abuse is dog fighting. Dog fighting is a forbidden sport that is generally played by two or more dogs against one another in a ring or a pit. The reason for dog fighting is just for entertainment of the audience or a way for the dogfighters, who are often called dog men, to gain money. The most common places to find dog fights are in South America, which is the continent that started it all. It is estimated that there is on average of sixteen-thousand dogs killed each year in organized dog fights and that number continues to grow. The Federal Canine Sport Fighting Task Force reports that this issue if becoming a major problem in each and every state in the US and they fear that without the help of good citizens, the growth of the ‘sport’ is not going to slow anytime soon.Many animals around the globe are going through.

When Love Gone Bad

At one point in animal’s life, they will have to die. It’s an ending that many pets’ owners fear for their furry loved ones. The pain of loss can often feel overwhelming and trigger all sorts of painful and difficult emotions. While some people may not understand the depth of feeling they will have for their deceased pet, they should never feel guilty or ashamed about grieving for an animal friend. The role the animal played in the owner’s life can also have a major impact. For example, if the pet was a working dog, service animal, or therapy animal, then people will not only be grieving the loss of a companion but also the loss of a coworker, the loss of their independence, or the loss of emotional support. If they lived alone and the pet was their only companion, coming to terms with their loss can be much harder.

The Animal Human Bond essay

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