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Bumble Bees as an Endangered Species

Abstract Bumble bee species are on the verge of extinction due to the rapid decline in endemic North America. B. affinis are significant pollinators, hence, they play a critical role in the production of many types of crops including pepper, tomato, apple, blueberry, clover among others. The historic distribution of B. affinis extended from the…


Endangered Species

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Zoos as a Place for the Preservation of Endangered Species

For a person who has been going to zoos my own life I can understand the difference between a healthy clean zoo and a run down zoo. I have gone to Alaska and seen live bears battling for salmon, i have been to canada and have seen the breathe coming out of the nostrils of…


Endangered Species

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Endangered Species: One by One until There are None

I want you to try and imagine what life would be like for us to be the only species left on Earth. Imagine all life suddenly disappeared except us. Would we still survive? The answer, unfortunately is no. We rely heavily on the Earth and the creatures that live here to stay alive, without them…


Endangered Species

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As nature’s apex predator, we humans have put countless species on the verge of extinction and already killed off many of the beautiful creatures that used to roam this planet. Writing an endangered species essay, you may want to discuss the past extinctions caused by humans and show exactly how devastating our impact on the ecosystems around the world can be. You may write why should we protect endangered species essay to advocate for the initiatives that preserve endangered species. Though we no longer seem to hunt animals for survival, as we did with mammoths, there still are people who kill majestic beasts like elephants and lions just for the fun of it or for their precious hides or tusks. As the conclusion for endangered species essay, you may want to offer some solutions to the problem and tell your class and your teacher how we can save the endangered species from extinction. The idea remains the same – we must do something to prevent animals from dying off to protect our ecosystems and the planet.

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