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Animal Rights and Animal Welfare

Animal rights are a large issue at hand right now; animals are abused all over the world and have no say in it. In the Copenhagen Zoo a young giraffe that was just the age of two was slaughtered and given to the lions as their meal. During the slaughtering, whole crowds full of children…

Animal Rights,

Animal Welfare,

Animals Rights

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Animal Rights Movements

Animal rights activist are concerned about how livestock and poultry are treated in the environment that they have started organizations to protest the inhuman treatment of the animals. Animals rights organizations started around the 1900’s. Some countries have ban the unfair treatment of animals and have turned to an alternate way by free ranging farming…

Animal Rights,

Animals Rights

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Animal Rights What A Loaded Little Statement

There are many people who are major advocates of animal rights and rightly so. It is easy to fall in love with an adorable puppy and then jump on the animal rights bandwagon. Consider this scenario, there are three children outside playing in their yard and the neighbors dogs come to visit. While two of…

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Creation Of A Non-Profit Organization

It was the frustration of animal rights activists that didn’t like me talking about animals suffering and would get asked if animal rights people didn’t care about human rights. World Social Forums at Caracas, Venezuela stirred my passion due to relevant issues being related to food. As well as, for there to be an organization…

Animal Rights,




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Using DNA From Other Species To Treat

Animal biotechnology needs to be addressed because even though different species look very different from us, we are made up of the same basic units of living; cells and DNA. This means that we can use DNA from other species to cure or assist in the treatment of human diseases. In ancient times the only…

Animal Rights,



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The Transcendental Wild Oats and Empathy For Animals

Transcendental Wild Oats is a satirical work of art which was derived from Alcott’s personal experience within her own family. The success of this story is based on the validity of the themes discussed, as well as the style of narration used to construct the story. For one, Alcott’s point of view in the story…

Animal Rights,



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The Ethics V. Consumption 

An important philosophical question I’ve come to ask myself recently is the reason humans dedicate certain rights to animals such as dogs but then consider others such as pigs and cattle to be inferior and warranted to abuse and slaughter for harvest. A major mistake we have made as a species is to condition our…

Animal Rights,



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The Animal Protection and Empathy

Whenever I gaze into the eyes of a feral cat, I wonder one question: “Is the cat also gazing at me?” The pale eyes, although aimless and ignorant as they appear, somehow convince me that I am also gazed. People say that the moment you find yourself being gazed, something will change. It is true:…

Animal Rights,



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The Cultural Values of Animal Rights And Advertising

Every year the Super Bowl provides the perfect opportunity for companies to advertise their products. People will be watching and now look forward to the commercials each year. Culture and media are crucial in many of these ads, especially today when culture is extremely important and a well talked about topic. One of the ads…


Animal Rights,


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Balance is Right

Animal rights, what a loaded little statement. There are many people who are major advocates of animal rights and rightly so. It is easy to fall in love with an adorable puppy and then jump on the animal rights bandwagon. Consider this scenario, there are three children outside playing in their yard and the neighbors…

Animal Abuse,

Animal Rights,


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You can say there are three types of animals in this world: the ones people love and care about, the ones people use for entertainment purposes, and the ones people eat. But why is that? Why do we care about, let’s say, cats and dogs but seem to be totally fine with killing cows and pigs on an industrial scale or keeping lions and giraffes in the cages? The discussion on animal rights has been on for decades now, but we cannot deny the fact that we need meat to feed our civilization and that animals are essential for our survival. But what do we make of the zoos? You can discuss this problem in an animal rights essay and make an argument against animal cruelty. Think about the things you might say in your animal rights arguments essay and the point you want to make. You may want to write an animal rights persuasive essay discussing the importance of treating animals with humanity, even the ones we need for food.

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