Television More Popular than Ever

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Television is a form of entertainment we are all familiar with. Since its creation in 1927, its popularity has raised exponentially. It advertises businesses, runs shows, plays music and introduces us to many different things. Television, like all things, has its con list next to its pro list. Here is a comparison of the pros and cons of television.

Television can be a great educator. Adults as well as children can learn something new every time they watch it. There are many educational shows for children like Sesame Street and Discovery Kids. Adults are inundated with cooking shows, home improvement, and travel. It is also a source of entertainment. Television brought variety shows, sit coms, cartoons, and dramas into our living rooms. There is always something for everyone due to the approximate 27,000 channels. Television also gives real time alerts for natural disaster warnings, escaped or recent criminals and crimes, and Amber Alerts.

As mentioned earlier, all things have their drawbacks, especially in large amounts. Television is highly addicting, and the watch rates have risen from just a few thousand each channel to well over a million routine viewers. Television can open children to material that they otherwise would have been restricted. Things like R-Rated movies and shows, scenes of drug and alcohol usage, and death are among the list. There are also many health concerns involved with too much television. Problems with eyesight, brain function, and concerns with lack of exercise number among the list. Psychologists have big concerns for the mentality of children, as it is highly addicting for them to simply sit and watch for hours instead of playing or talking.

Television is an extraordinary invention that made many famous and changed the lives of many more. Its impact on society is still noticeable today. However, this will always be balanced with bad. People are more and more easily influenced by television and the people they see on screen. Hopefully, like all things, televisions grip on society will loosen as they get tired of it. However, the increase of viewers and channels make this seem unlikely.

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