Suggestions for Completing Applications

Updated August 4, 2022

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Suggestions for Completing Applications essay

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Please go back and review the funding source you previously chose–Do they have an electronic submission process? If so, are the directions clear with what you need in order to have the appropriate IT applications and equipment (provide detail on what they are).

Based on the course reading is there anything you need to prepare for to prevent problems with this submission process? The funding source I selected was the American association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), This particular organization does have a some electronic process. The directions that are provided by the organization are not clear and concise. Because there is some requirement to submit something via mail, its not as clear.

According to Gitlin and Lyons (2014), it is very important to back up your data when working on any project. I believe just being familiar with the formatting and any additional requirements that the grant organization might have.

What is the review process for the funding source you chose? Based on this review process–what do you think the strongest and weakest parts of your grant proposal would be? Why? (If your grant does not provide the review process please refer to the common feedback from grant reviewers content in your Melnyk text and use the review criteria provided.)

ANA Foundation Research Committee will use a standardized evaluation form to review the proposal. Typically this consists of 3 reviewers.

The process to review grants is as follows:

  1. Reviewers score the core criteria and the impact, and generate the bullet comments and additional review elements prior to a group discussion.
  2.  A conference call format is used for the review:
  • Preliminary scores given by 1st, 2nd and 3rd reviewers ii.

Primary reviewer presents the grant

  1.  Brief description of the grant
  2.  Reviews the strengths and weaknesses reviewer provides additional comments iii.

2ndReviewer provides additional comments

  • iv. Discussion to address any disagreement 1. Not required to reach a consensus
  • v. Final scores from 1st, 2nd and 3rd reviewer
  • vi. A decision is made to:
  1.  support or not support the proposal
  2.  if there is support for the proposal a recommendation to fund the proposal is made to the Professional Development Committee
  3.  The evaluation form is returned with scores, comments, and funding recommendations are forwarded from the Professional Development Committee of the AANA Foundation Board.

Recommendations are compiled and forwarded to the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board then discusses the evaluation summary, and by majority vote, decides whether or not to support and/or fund the research. Proposals may be fully or partially funded based on the proposed budgets and expense justification. 4. The applicant is notified of the Board’s decision via e-mail, formal letter and/or telephone call within three months of application deadline.

If the proposal is funded, the applicant must complete an “Applicant Statement” form and a W-9 to receive funding and sign a research ethics agreement statement. I believe one of greatest weakness will be my budget proposal because I do not have any experience in this subject matter. I believe my strongest part of my project is the benefit of the project to the hospitals. I believe it can save the hospitals some money.

The NIH link for postaward considerations is one of many examples for what is required of the grant awardee. On your own find an additional resource about post award considerations–it could be a website related to the grant you have chosen, a you-tube video, etc. Provide a summary of what it involves as well as a link to the resource. (Please note it must be different than the NIH postaward consideration provided in the course.) The post award phase is a very important part of the grant process as a whole.

The federal agency that makes the award is ultimately there to assist the grant recipient. There has to be federal reporting, the agency that provided the grant reports and conducts site visits. Federal grant making agencies and grant recipients are audited as well. So receiving the grant is just a small part of the whole process.

Suggestions for Completing Applications essay

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