Student Speech for Graduation Ceremony

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Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, my dear teachers and fellow friends. Today is the graduation ceremony of our school. So, let me introduce myself. I am Wong Yi Shan and I feel very honored to be able to speak for everyone here.

First and foremost, thank you all for attending and congratulate all our graduates for successfully complete their high school career and becoming a qualified graduate. At the same time, we also need to give a warm applause to express our most since gratitude for every teachers who are never give up and try their best to teach students well.

Classmate, I believe that everyone here feels the same as what I feel. All of us feel very happy and a little bit sad as our high school life is coming to the end and we need to say goodbye with our familiar high school, and our lovely friends.

Besides, time has passed so quickly that it is the time for us to graduate. Five years of our high school career is not much nor much but I believe that this high school career will be a best time for every classmate and become a unforgettable memories among all of you. In this five years, everyone have the sweat of hard work, happiness of successful, pain of failure and try their best to do jobs well. So, all of this are the meaningful memory for all of you over the course of our high school journey.

In addition, we not only gained knowledge in learning but also full of friendship. In harvest of friendship, we may quarrel but it makes us know each other, learn to endure and care with our friends and the most important things is we can learned how to help each other. Even though we will have different career choice in pursuit of our dreams in future, but the friendship and friendship will never end.

Of course, I am no exception. For me, the most precious memory is to be able to participate campus activities with my dear friends from time to time and can encourage each other to actively complete tasks. After participating these activities, we can strive to do good job work together to complete countless tasks and strengthen our leadership skills. Hence I am very grateful to those who often have been with me in my school journey and I will never forget these memory.

Classmates, please remember graduation does not mean an end but is a new beginning. In the future, we will face all kind of the new challenges, meet new friends and can expand our horizon. So classmate, future is in your hand, please continue work hard and continue to try your best to go ahead and become a best self at all time.

Last but not least, let us say thank you for your past self and say hello for your future self. Happy graduation my fellow friends! Wish your all have a bright future. Goodbye my dear teachers and my familiar school.


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