Stars In The Night

Updated May 14, 2022

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Stars In The Night essay

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“Ari!!! Run!” That’s the only memory i have of my mother. She was a beautiful wolf. Her sleek brown fur, her green wondering eyes. I look nothing like her. I have brown, plain eyes, with black fur. All black. My mother had died by the teeth of a dark he-wolf with brooding dark brown eyes. I watched as her eyes that were so full of life, become lifeless. The brooding wolf suddenly turned to me. His eyes were rabbits darting in the night to get away from hunters. His teeth bared red, my mother’s blood. Suddenly, my mind turned back on and I ran faster than I ever could. He chased me but I kept running. The stars above me shone bright. A light guiding me through the forest.

I saw a cave. I ran towards it. I saw a light in that cave. Maybe they were humans! Maybe they could save me and raise me. The stars stared at me motioning for me to go to the cave. A she-wolf sat at the entrance, her messy white fur shone in the starlight. The white wolf stared at me. She motioned with her head that I should go in. I take one last look outside. No sign of the dark he-wolf. I don’t know why. I realize that I am soaking wet. I must of swam through a creek, but I don’t remember. And the creek must of thrown the he-wolf off course. Ok this is getting better and better. “You will stay here for the night, and then you must follow me back to the camp.” the white wolf finally spoke. “Alpha pack has no room for wolves of your kind.” she continued.

I stared up at her with big brown wondering eyes. “You know why, and don’t tell me that you don’t.”she growled.”at dusk we travel to the pup orphanage. No questions asked. Got it?” she asked. I nodded my head quickly. I took a look around, there was a fire in the middle of the cave a in a little sat 5 sleeping newborn pups. “Don’t go near my pups.” she warned. The white wolf threw a half-eaten rabbit at me and I ate it. That was when I realized my sudden lasting hunger. I don’t remember the last time I had eaten. I looked up at the freezing night sky. The moon appeared behind some wisps of dark clouds. The stars though, shone brighter than ever. My eyelids drew heavier as the dim lights walked across the night sky. “Wakeup, we are leaving now.” The white wolf pressed her nose against my fur.

The sky was a blue-gray, and little drops of water fell from the sky. The white wolf started to run and I followed. She ran at a very fast pace and I couldn’t really keep up. All I could see in the rain was a white, flowing part of her tail. Eventually the she-wolf stopped running and what I saw was beautiful. The mountains were surrounding where we were. Other wolves were staring at me with curious faces. “Here take her. I found her in the forest running from Darkheart.” everyone gasped.I’m confused. “What’s your name little one?” a light brown she-wolf asked me. “Umm…Ari.” I replied with little haste. Rain pattered onto the ground, getting harder. “Come into the orphanage.” a darker brown he-wolf told me. I turned around to thank the white she-wolf, but she was gone. “Don’t bother Iceshadow, she’s a loner, and don’t believe what she says about alpha pack, there is no alpha pack. I’m Cinder, by the way.” the dark brown he-wolf said.

“Not much of a talker are you, huh?” Cinder asked. I shook my head. He continued,” I can help you get adopted. I can’t take care of you because I am only a pup myself, but, you look like you need help.” I thought about it for a long time.”Ok.” I answered confidently.”Alrighty then, follow me to your new temporary home, the newborn orphanage.” Cinder announced. I smiled and sat down. There was a human’s teddy bear on the ground. I picked it up in my little tiny teeth, and chewed. “Are you hungry? I’ll bring food and a new parental figure.” Cinder called to me as he left the cave. I looked around, and saw that there were other newborns here, too, and an adult wolf who takes care of the littles. I learned later that this orphanage acted as a nursery because there were hardly any orphans left after the war -that we will talk about later- and that the adults leave their kids here so they can hunt. Cinder returned later that night with a small rabbit and a tall, sandy colored she-wolf.

He gave me the rabbit and I ate it, very hungerly. “This is Breadstick. She wants to adopt you. Is that okay?” Cinder asked. I looked up at him, “Sure, why not?” Breadstick then picked me up and didn’t just make me try to follow her like Iceshadow. That is something. I guess. We made it to her den and we rested for a bit before heading back to camp. The leader was explaining something about the lake nearby. “”It’s flooding. After the long winter, the ice melted and it flooded. It is chasing away our prey. We might have to hunt in the alpha pack’s land. We will need to tell Iceshadow the situation and see if it’s all right.” the leader said. “That’s Snakebite.” said Breadstick. Other wolves howled loudly at the moon. I am assuming they are agreeing to what he said. Oh well. I watched as Snakebite walked back to his den and me and Breadstick walked back home. Soon, I was fast asleep. Breadstick nudged me and I woke up very slowly and not wanting to. I woke up anyway. I am so starving.

Stars In The Night essay

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