Software Development and Corruption

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Corruption in software development projects can occur in many forms, for instance, to meet a financial target, a manager might sign a contract to deliver a software product, knowing that it will take longer than the promised date to deliver. Another common act of unethical and corrupt behavior is when the development team delivers a product that has known defects, this can happen when the team or IT consultants have pressure to release a product before their competitors do or to meet other contractual obligations.

In such cases, when traditional methodologies are used, it could be difficult to identify all system defects when the final product is tested in its entirety. Developers could know of the defects and not disclose them to clients, but instead, put the system into a live environment so as to fulfil a contractual obligation or meet deadline.

However, agile uses iterations, where a small part of the system is developed and then tested for accuracy. This makes it easier to identify defects and not to overlook minor defects that need fixing. This is because the client will not have the pressure of testing the entire product in one time which is the case with traditional methodologies.

In addition, the development team, when using traditional methods could end up intentionally trading quality for speed of implementation because of not having the “sense of urgency” experienced in agile projects (Van Oorschot, et al.,2009). The development team will provide a product in which the quality does not reflect the financial investment and expectation made to the client.


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