Social Justice In Education

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My understanding of social justice is a concept of fairness and just between the individual and society. Although I feel, social justice is measured by wealth and opportunities for personal gain, I also feel that social justice have laws governing the rights of relevant institutions , such as taxation, social insurance, public health, public school, public services, labor law and regulation of markets, to ensure fair distribution and equal opportunity.

I don’t feel like social justice is taught in the classrooms, instead, I feel like students use critical examination of themselves, to find patterns of inequality, bigotry or discrimination. The goal of social justice advocates should be to build possible solutions in which individuals have equal access to resources and receive equitable treatment regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexuality, income level or disability. Enabling open conversations about these issues empowers students to voice their concern and question and seek just to the unjust situations in their lives.

Productive conversations should be created by teachers modeling and illustrating thoughtful conversation rather than making students feel bad or devalued by their classmates. By providing model responses, teachers can illustrate to students how a good response helps to enrich a conversation.

Cecelia Gordon Rogers, Principal of Charleston Development Academy, made a Charleston County School Board District 20, go Above And Beyond: Challenges of Advancing Education Equity in South Carolina. … “We’re in a global world now,” she said, noting that social interaction involves a multicultural approach. Her strategies include her collaborative efforts and social action network to address issues of social and educational injustice. She challenged school administration and put a social justice curriculum in place. She also was an advocate for the Charleston Development Academy pre-k program. Her voice encouraged Charleston’s mayor to build a new school.

So far, the city has granted the land. She achieved national recognition for student academic achievement. Ms. Rogers worked against such challenges by being vocal about the concerns at the district level and networked with community members, who had the power to change educational inequalities. Ms. Rogers and her staff spoke passionately about a culturally centered early childhood curriculum and launched one. She felt you must take ownership of your professional strengths. Ms. Rogers believed that every leadership style in the classroom should work together as a team and not be afraid to work together. She ensured cultural balance.


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