Social Injustice and Terrorism

Updated May 5, 2022

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Social Injustice and Terrorism essay

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Since terrorism by Muslims has become an issue and has increasingly become a global fear, Muslims everywhere are being persecuted. In America, many have faced discrimination, but in many other places, Muslims suffer much worse persecution. It’s a social injustice to be treated differently, and even cruelly because of your religion. No one deserves harsh, unjust, and violent treatment because of his or her religious beliefs and fear for one’s lives because of it. Freedom of religion is a right that should be protected at all costs to ensure that all are treated fairly without prejudice. The Holocaust was a crime against humanity in which millions of Jews were murdered, tortured, and raped. Genocide can be prevented by allowing and protecting freedom of religion and persecution must be stopped to keep from having situations escalate. Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are being denied their freedom to religion due to severe persecution. This extreme social injustice must be addressed and it is imperative that the group at risk is protected.

In March 2013, a group of men dressed up as monks went into a Burmese town and violently, fatally, beat women and children. After a history of anti-Muslim violence and discrimination, officials finally declared the region to be under a “State of Emergency” and have been on and off since then (Abdelkader). Although the issue was acknowledged over five years ago, severe violence against Rohingya Muslims continues to be a consistent issue and although the government has addressed the issue, there is a complete absence of action against these hate crimes. There is murder, slavery, violence, and rape of Muslims in Myanmar, as well as surrounding borders that kills so many of them every year, and there are still mass killings such as the one in March 2013 that lower the population. The degree of persecution is so severe that many citizens are forced to flee the country in search of escape, unfortunately, the majority are unable to afford to leave due to lack of money or family ties. Those who perform the criminal acts against them rarely face any punishment—legally or socially—for the act of violence. It is a social injustice that Rohingya Muslims are being treated in such a cruel way with no regard of their lives and even more so for the government to practically dismiss the criminal behavior ingrained in the country.

In addition to the dismissal of social injustice against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar by the government, we can speculate that it may even be condoned considering the discriminatory laws against Muslims such as forced labor, confiscation of property, forced eviction from, and demolition of, houses, discriminatory taxation, and limitations on marriage, employment, health care, and education (Abdelkader). Because the government itself discriminates, it leads to the society as a whole being discriminatory against Muslims and lays the groundwork for hate crimes and further discrimination. In the past, there was even a military regime that carried out these violent acts towards Muslims, and although there is speculation as to whether this was government sanction, it was something that the government knew about and actively allowed.

Social Injustice and Terrorism essay

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