Significance of Honor Code

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As quoted by Robin Sharma “Without integrity and honor, having everything means nothing.”

According to me, the amount of honor you earn characterises you. It’s important for an individual to have respect, trustworthiness and reliability. And above all people with honor should be recognised.

A lot of people gave up everything just to live in this society with honor. I personally feel single parenting is the most sacred job anyone could do. Single parents are basically people doing “double duty”. It is believed that March 21st is observed as single parents day where we honor them with immense respect. Infact it’s more legitimate to have a day like this for the parents without partners. I think it’s much more than that. There are different kinds of people around the world with various mindsets and cultures. Every individual has a set of norms by which he’s recognised.

Real Life Experience

Being the child of a single parent, I have learned a lot from my mother. She is the person I admire the most for how she pulled everything together just to make life easier for me. And the sacrifices she made are countless. She never let me feel that I was being raised by a single parent. Infact I have grown into a strong and independent woman watching her raise me. Though it’s a lot to bear everything on her own she never failed to make sure that I have all the opportunities that a child of a dual family has. She is an inspiration for the eternity. I think just a single day is not enough to honor parents like them. They truly deserve the world.

From my knowledge most of the single parents in our country won’t opt to get together with others or start a new family. I think it doesn’t depend on the culture or the country you are in. It’s purely based on an individual whether to find a new partner or not.

Honor in Academics

Students benefit from a unique set of freedoms when they sign the honor code. It encourages personal responsibility that extends beyond the classroom and into the life that students pursue after graduation. As a student of Valparaiso I refrain from stealing, misrepresentation about college and cheating on academic work. I will report all the violations of the honor code, failure to do so is itself a violation of the honor code.

Finally, Life without honor has no purpose. Be it personally or professionally.

And above all I think single parents need more than a day honor them. And kids who are not living with their parents should at least make an effort to call them on Single Parents Day and say thankyou for always putting them first and loving enough. It doesn’t have to be flowers and glitter always. Just say that you love them with immense respect.

Honor Code

“I have neither given or received, nor have I tolerated others’ use of unauthorised aid”.


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