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Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancy Expository

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Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancy Expository essay
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The primary research conducted aimed to evaluate STIs control measures and the viewpoints of professionals on the distribution of condoms to teenagers. Five health questionnaires were distributed to specialist nurses at local sexual health clinics at different outlets. All the participants agreed that access to contraceptives with parent’s consent has reduced the chance of teenage pregnancy and increase the risk of STIs.

Four out of five nurses agreed that teenager’s abstinence from sex can lower the risk of getting and passing on STIs, although condom use can prevent the spread. However, participants view on the tenth question show the reduced likelihood of condom use by teenagers due to influences such as alcohol, drugs, peer pressure as some young males still refuse to wear condoms as they say it spoils the sexual experience.

To conclude, based on statistics, strengths and weaknesses of government interventions, teenagers’ sexual influences, conflicting viewpoints and primary research, there are strong evidence showing that government interventions to prevent the spread of STIs among teenagers can improve sexual health with the provision of free condoms, contraceptive advice, giving referrals to appropriate health services, guidance around healthy relationships.

However, their influence on teenagers’ actual sexual attitudes remains limited due to factors that influence a teenager’s attitude toward sex. Instead of just improving knowledge about teenage sexual health and the distribution of condoms to teenagers and young adults, they should aim to tackle the triggers to teenagers’ sexual influences such as ACEs.

Also, to expand the sex education curriculum in schools and C-Card scheme intervention to psychological reasons for taking a risk such as sexual abuse and neglect. Therefore, a change in sexual attitudes will be necessary if interventions to control the spread of STD are to be successful.

Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancy Expository essay

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