Setting Daily Achievable Personal Goals

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Ever planned on completing a specific task during a day but you could not?. Ever wondered on how you could make you day either at school or at work more productive? I guess the answer is very obvious and it is a “YES”. The reason you did not succeed in making your goals achievable is because you did not plan for it properly.

In this article, we are going to explain the various things you should do in order to make a daily goal achievable.

Why You Should Set Daily Goals

Firstly before diving into that, come to ask yourself a genuine question “Do I Really Need To Make Daily Goals?” .Read along and discover. Ever wondered why at the end of the day you become so stressed out because of certain activities you intended to do in the course of the day but due to some reasons you had to procrastinate either because of time constraints or other factors?. This is a pretty common phenomenon with us humans.

Many people do not see the need in making daily goals for one reason or the other. It is very important to set daily goals and I will give you three (3) reasons why you should start setting up daily goals :

Reasons We Should Set Daily Goals

Firstly, setting a daily goal is important because it acts as a point of reference on how your day is supposed to look like. It gives you a complete glimpse of how your day might look like.

Moreover setting daily goals make our days less stressful because everything is planned and we know already how the day would look like, so we will not stress a lot on thinking on which activity to do next.

Lastly setting daily goals make our lives more rewarding and also more productive, as a result of the fact that the day has already been planned. Mindful of the fact that proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Steps Involved in Setting Daily Achievable Personal Goals

Here we are going to discover the steps we are supposed to put in place in order to set daily achievable goals.

Write down Your Planned Goals

The first step which happens to be the most important step in setting daily achievable goals is writing down the goals you plan to achieve for that day. When you get up from bed, first thing in the morning for you to do is to pen down the goals which you plan on achieving for that day. Lets say If you plan on carrying out ten activities for that day then, you should get a pen and paper and write down every single detail of what you will like to do in the course of the day in a tabular form, and always keep the piece of paper with you where ever you go in the course of the day, so that in the case where you might forget any of your goals you set to achieve, you can quickly refer to the piece of paper you wrote it down on.


In order to be able to carry out the activities you have written down, it is imperative for you to be very determined and believe in yourself. Without determination you can never succeed in setting a successful daily achievable goal. When you are determined to carry out a specific activity you automatically develops a will power which is capable to spur you and give you the inner force to push through with your goal of the day.

Hard Work

Making an achievable goal requires not only determination but also hard work. If you are able to set daily goals and achieve them then it calls for inner fulfillment. By working hard we mean you are supposed to be efficient in any activity you carry out during the day and also manage your time properly so that you would not be caught up by time.


Setting up a daily achievable goal requires a lot of discipline. Not discipline from some other person but the discipline is self discipline. You do not need to be discourage in yourself. Even in the course of the day always remind yourself of the goals set by you. By this you must be a master of yourself and obey the rules and obligations set by you.

Evaluate Yourself

This is the last step involved in making an achievable daily goal. Evaluating yourself implies that, at the end of the day you go to the list where you wrote down your daily goals and tick the activities you carried out successfully and if you completed your goals for the day successfully then a big “Bravo” to you, meanwhile to you who do not complete successfully write down the goals you did not complete for that day and draw a conclusion from your analyses and work on the loops.

I hope this great post be of great help to someone out there who is finding it hard making daily achievable goals. And without much ado please kindly subscribe and send your comments and tell me what you think about the post.


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